JV quarterback Bobby Benavidescarries the ball for a touchdown in the Desert game.

JV football team sends Desert Scorpions packing

September 24, 2003
The Cardinal JV football squad showed great improvement in their 28-13 win over the Scorpions of Desert High Friday. Desert started out looking strong with an 81-yard run for a touchdown on their first down after the kickoff. With the extra point they took a 7-0 lead.Santa Paula lost the ball on a fumble a few minutes later and Desert recovered, but they fumbled the ball and the Cards took it back. With a second down and goal situation Max Montoya (#32) forced his way across for a Santa Paula TD. The JV tied the game with the extra point.The Scorpions responded with a goal 12 plays later, but the Cardinals’ quarterback Bobby Benavides (#3) took the ball into the end zone himself, after moving the ball to within feet of the goal line. A kick between the uprights put the Cards ahead, 14-13 heading into half time.It was after the half-time break that the Cardinals took over control of the game. A pass to Jose Ramos (#26) in the end zone plus a good kick put the score at 21-13. Santa Paula clinched the game midway through the second half with a 35-yard run for a TD by Bobby Perez (#22) and a good kick for an extra point.
The JV travels to play Orange Lutheran Friday at 4:30 p.m.

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