(Left) Mike Nelson, California Oil Museum shows Dr. Douglass Neese around the museum

Noted international geologist strikes oil on visit to California Oil Museum

January 05, 2000
Santa Paula News
A noted geologist’s first visit to the California Oil Museum (former known as the Santa Paula Union Oil Museum) created a buzz, especially since he said how much he enjoyed the information offered into the oil industry’s local history. “This is terrific,” said Douglas Neese, PhD, visiting the Santa Clara River Valley and his mother, Rosemary Neese, a resident of Fillmore.Douglas Neese is a well-known geologist with Kerr-McGee Oil Exploration, and has traveled the world in pursuit of oil, said Molly King, a museum docent.“We hope this has been a positive experience for our guest and that he will tell everyone in the world about the California Oil Museum. . .especially since it has a new name.”Dr. Neese said he was especially impressed with the museum’s detailed history of the oil business and its general overall view of the industry’s impacts and operations.
“The museum runs the gamut and I’m very impressed. . .it also shows the most up to date technology,” he added. “The museum is an excellent place to just find out what the oil industry is all about; it’s a field that many people really don’t know all that much about.”Mike Nelson, executive director of the museum, showed Dr. Neese not only the exhibits related to the oil industry but the rich displays regularly featured and rotated: on exhibit now at the museum is the “Century of Sports in Ventura County: Heroes and Legends” as well as the “Teenagers in World War II” and “Christmas Traditions” displays.An exploration geologist now living in Texas, Dr. Neese will be moving to Paris this year. . .aside for oil exploration he has another love, jazz piano, which he sometimes plays professionally.

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