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February 04, 2000
$27 million loss - a scandal To the Editor:Indeed a 27 million dollar loss is a big scandal if your county officials were guilty of overspending. However this loss has nothing to do with overspending. It has to do with money we never received. Since the census of 1990 this is the amount of money that is said to be lost to Ventura County due to undercounts. This money would have been available to us if the count in 1990 had included all the people who live here.We need to reach everyone in the 2000 census. Please be sure you return the census forms when you receive them in the mail this spring. Be sure you have an accurate count of all family members. Do what you can to encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. Be sure all people living on your property get counted. This is very important to the welfare of our community. The Federal and State grants and funds will be spent. We need to be sure we get our share by having an accurate count. Do your part - be counted and be counted upon to be sure others are counted.Jim GarfieldSanta PaulaJust the factsTo the Editor:In last week’s (1-28-00) letters to the editor, Bob Borrego wrote another of his attack pieces bashing certain city council members and resorting to name calling.Unfortunately, in the political arena, when one does not want to, or cannot, discuss issues and facts, one turns to name calling and innuendo.In attempting to justify and diminish the defeat of the Santa Paula SOAR measure by you, the voters, Mr. Borrego wrote: “What defeated the measure was not that the voters wanted growth, but the lies that Council Members Jim Garfield and Robin Sullivan resorted to.... They stated the only new housing allowed in the initiative is low and very low income housing.” Mr. Borrego wrote “There was absolutely no mention of housing in the measure.”In writing this letter I have a copy of the measure in front of me. The measure restricts growth and provides that it “may be amended only by a vote of the people” or “pursuant to the procedures set forth” in the measure.Those procedures allow growth to “provide housing for all economic segments of the community” if certain findings are made, one of which is that the new “development will address the highest priority need...i.e., low and very low income housing.”Anyone who would like to read the measure is welcome to do so. The measure is on file with both the City and the County. The measure certainly does mention housing.
Mr. Borrego’s attack letter also used the phrases “stooped so low”, “deceive the public” and “devious council members.”Well Bob, I’m not going to call you any names or use your descriptive phrases. All I have to do is point out the facts.John A. SullivanSanta PaulaActions speakTo the Editor:We just returned from the LAFCO meeting where the Commissioners discussed and voted for Santa Paula’s Sphere of Influence, 4 to 3, which in my opinion will be a good thing.I was disturbed by the comments and “No” vote by our County Supervisor, Kathy Long, who once again stabbed Santa Paula in the back. She professes to be so much in favor of helping us, but when push comes to shove, her actions speak much louder than her words.We need to study closely the candidates for County Supervisor for our district, and vote for the person that will be best for Santa Paula! We are a small community, but we have a voice and a vote too. We need to stand up and be counted!Alice MensingSanta Paula

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