‘Sunday in the Park’ dominates
SP Art & Photography Exhibit

March 03, 2000
Santa Paula News
“Sunday in the Park” by Guadalupe Carlos might have been the top prize winner but it was Saturday at the library that drew hundreds of art lovers and artists to the opening reception of the 63rd Annual Santa Paula Art & Photography Exhibit, held Feb. 19 at Blanchard Community Library. The reception, sponsored by Santa Clara Valley Bank, included the announcement of the array of cash prizes and awards offered to artists who took top places in the exhibit, one of the oldest juried art shows in the state.The Santa Paula Society of the Arts sponsored the exhibit/competition, receiving so many entries this year that many had to be turned away. But hundreds of oils and acrylics, watercolors, mixed media and graphics, as well as photographs were showcased; many Santa Paulans took home top prizes in the exhibit which draws artists nationwide.Guadalupe Carlos’s “Sunday in the Park” was chosen Best of Show, an award sponsored by Santa Paula Chevrolet; the watercolor also took 1st Place in the Peoples Choice/Pat Johnson Memorial Award category and the Jury of Your Peers Douglas Shively Award of Excellence, making the painting a triple crown art winner. The painting also garnered the 2nd place Judges Award.The prestigious Douglas Shively Award of Excellence - given in each category - is named for the late artist, rancher, banker and writer, a founder of the annual art and photography exhibit.Other winners of the Douglas Shively Award of Excellence - chosen by artists taking part in the exhibit - were: “Fruit Bowl”, an oil/acrylic by Tony Jankowski; “River Reflections” by Michele Weise in mixed media/graphics; and the photograph “First Light” by David Pu’u.
Winners in each category were:Peoples Choice/Pat Johnson Memorial Award: Oils & Acrylics, 1st “Fruit Bowl” by Tony Jankowski; 2nd “The Back Road” by Gail Pidduck; 3rd “ ‘58 Duoglide” by Dean Fleming. Watercolors, 1st “Sunday in the Park” by Guadalupe Carlos; 2nd “Hibiscus Fantasy” by Georgia L. Scarlott; 3rd “Pansies” by Teri Peterson. Mixed Media & Graphics, 1st “Santa Paula Union High School” by Roberto Borrego; 2nd “By Their Fruits” by Joseph Vandenberg, 3rd “River Reflections” by Michele Weise. Photography, 1st “First Light” by David Pu’u; 2nd “Julianhaeb, Greenland” by Michael Moore; 3rd tie between “Virginia Lake” by James A. Rothe and “Young Miss Picasso” by Laura Turner.Judges Awards: Oils & Acrylics, 1st “On San Simeon Beach” by Henry Richards; 2nd “Rain on Chorro Street” by Arden Vincent; 3rd “ ‘58 Duoglide” by Dean Fleming; Honorable Mention went to Gail Pidduck’s “The Back Road”, “Channel Island Stream” by Tom Schultz, Kimberly Rector’s “Patience”, “The Last Dune” by Norm Eastman, and “Don Pasqual” by Lisa Musgrove, also deemed the Most Unusually Compelling. Watercolors, 1st “Intrigue” by Katie Wright, 2nd Guadalupe Carlos’ “Sunday in the Park”, 3rd “Trees and Shadows” by Sally Miller; Honorable Mention went to Leroy Ward’s “Strawberry Field Resting”, “Shaman” by David James Smith, an untitled work by Leslie Marcus and “Old Simi” by Arvid Brommers, also selected as the Most Unusually Fun. Mixed Media & Graphics, 1st “Sydney” by Kitty Botke, 2nd Bert Collins’ “Evening Glow”, 3rd “Santa Paula Union High School” by Roberto Borrego. Honorable Mention, “The Flowers” by Dolas Tubbs, Jannene Behl’s “Kauai Calling”, “Water Folly” by Arlene Origoni, Michele Weise’s “River Reflections”, “Serious Moonlight II” by Jane McKinney, April Maysick’s “Me and Grandpa”, “Garden Path” by Leila Kleiman, “Castle in Provence” by Carol Merrick. Photography, 1st “Julianhaeb, Greenland” by Michael Moore, 2nd Charles Spinks’ “Centyanthus Ruber”, 3rd “Liquid Gold” by David Pu’u. Honorable Mention, “Nature’s Paintbrush” by Sandra Grotsky, Vincent Takas’ “Two Boats on a Venetian Canal”, “Cape of Farewell, Greenland” by Michael Moore, Richard Robinson’s “Scottish Stream II”, “Parasol” by Marisa Redburn, Jim Breeding’s “Haze on the Water”, “Orange Blossom Special” by Kathaleen Brewer and “Secretary” by Charles Spink.

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