City Council approves Volunteer Recognition Night dinner for April

March 10, 2000
Santa Paula City Council
Honoring volunteers was on the agenda for the City Council at the March 6th meeting when a recognition night for those that donate time and services for the city was approved without comment. It will cost each city department $13.25 for each of its volunteers to be recognized at an April 20th dinner, with a projected total cost of $3,975.The staff report by Ed Mount, acting community services director, noted that department personnel will organize the event and solicit volunteers from city employees and council members to prepare and serve food, organize a reception table, decorate and develop the program for the evening.The last Volunteer Recognition Night was held in 1998 and drew about 300 members of the community. “The City Council expressed a desire to repeat such an event every other year to recognize and thank the many volunteers who work for the city as a commissioner, docent, committee member, coach, police reserve or Citizens Patrol members at little or no cost to the city,” noted Mount. “Personnel costs would be prohibitive should the city try to provide additional paid staff to provide the services programs currently staffed by volunteers.”City staff would like to again thank those volunteers who “give a gift of themselves and service” to the city and enhance the quality of life, by serving them a free dinner and recognizing their service, according to the report.
In 1998, approximately 225 volunteers and dignitaries were invited with guests, 450 total, to the recognition dinner. An estimated 200 volunteers and guests attended, proving the caterers “rule of thumb” that one-third of those invited will not attend, Mount wrote.The city has about 191 volunteers serving the Mobile Home Rent Review Commission, Citizens Transportation, Santa Paula Housing Authority, Appeals Board, Disaster Volunteer Assistance Committee, Earthquake Hazard Mitigation Committee, Commission on Aging, museum docent, recreation coaches, Recreation Commission, Downtown Technical Advisory Committee, Economic Development Committee, Harvard Boulevard Technical Advisory Committee, fire department chaplains, Design Assistance Committee, Planning Commission, police reserves and Citizens Patrol.The Volunteer Recognition Night dinner - started by the council in the early 1990s - will be held at the Community Center.

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