SPPD: Drive-by shooting targets teenagers but nobody hit in Saturday incident

August 18, 1999
Santa Paula Police Department
Santa Paula police are still investigating a drive-by shooting incident targeting a group of teenagers stand in front of a Prado Street home that occurred Saturday at just about midnight. Nobody was hit when the four shots rang out after someone riding in a passing car fired, said Santa Paula Police Department Sgt. Ish Cordero.About 10 teenagers were outside the residence located on the 1400 block of Prado Street, between Orchard and Saticoy streets and just off 14th Street.The shooting occurred a minute before midnight. “We don’t know if the shots were intended to strike any of the people in the yard of the house or if someone just shot in the air, but we did find four shell casings,” at the scene, Sgt. Cordero said. “It was a group of kids hanging out in front of a house and somebody decides to come by andshoot them for no apparent reason. . . luckily, nobody was hit.”The group of teenagers in the yard are not believed to be members of any area gang, he added.The car was described as small and black and witnesses said there were two people inside, but there could have been more, said Sgt. Cordero.
There was no warning before the shots rang out: “No one in the car yelled anything,” like a gang name, the sure sign of a gang-related shooting, he noted.The incident is still being investigated. If anyone has any information about the drive-by shooting or any other criminal activity they are urged to call Sgt. Cordero at 525-4474 or the SPPD Tip Hotline at 933-4253-1-# (pound). Tipsters can remain anonymous.

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