Santa Paula Police Department Christmas Tree Photo by Brian D. Wilson

SPPD: Staff opts for black and white Christmas with cop themed tree

December 23, 2005
Santa Paula News
By Peggy Kelly Santa Paula TimesIt’s not a white Christmas over at the South 10th Street station of the Santa Paula Police, where staff opted instead for a black and white holiday tree specially decorated cop style. Although the SPPD puts up a tree every Christmas season, this year the standing timber features an array of decorations that - although some might find them highly unusual - are all law enforcement.There are gaily-tied bows crafted from bright yellow SPPD “Do Not Cross” crime scene tape, tiny dangling donuts, miniaturized hovering fake handguns and other items related to crime fighting.... Okay, the donuts are a stretch but are the famous supposed preferred snack of the cop on the beat.According to SPPD Records Supervisor Barbara Hill, it’s hard to figure how the unusual - but very PD - tree evolved. “But it’s been a lot of fun...” to decorate as well as to view.
This year Santa Paula is awash in holiday decorations, with public buildings sporting lights and other decorations. Not only does the exterior of City Hall sport gaily colored holiday lights, but the outside of the SPPD Station has a wreath of lights. Farther north on 10th Street, the Santa Paula Fire Department is lit up like a house afire - only kidding - with bright lights even jumping from Fire Station 1 to a nearby tree. The long-vacant East Main Street Tower Theater building even has a Christmas tree strung from lights on top of the building.Central Business District/East Main Street merchants have also caught the decoration bug, with almost all the storefronts featuring Christmas scenes and holiday themes, the result of a Downtown Merchants Association Holiday Decorating contest. Although the contest only drew a little more than two-dozen entries, almost 80 percent of downtown merchants - seeing neighboring storefronts with mechanical figures, bright lights and cozy settings - joined in the holiday spirit.

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