Slurry seal operation approved by Planning Commission

July 05, 2006
Santa Paula News

A slurry seal facility was approved by the Planning Commission at a recent meeting according to a Planning Department spokeswoman.

By Peggy KellySanta Paula TimesA slurry seal facility was approved by the Planning Commission at a recent meeting according to a Planning Department spokeswoman.Associate Planner Anna Arroyo said that the Conditional Use Permit sought by property owner Gordon Miller included the installation of a 2,000 gallon aboveground diesel and gasoline fuel tank as well as three 7,000 to 8,000 gallon aboveground sealcoat tanks.The tanks would allow the operation of a portable sealcoat batch-mixing plant (pavement maintenance company) at an existing Lemonwood Industrial Park facility.Arroyo said that the project would be without significant impacts and that the issue drew no public speakers.But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t interest prior to the June 16 Planning Commission meeting: “We received some phone calls,” regarding the project but once some documents were examined and questions answered there was no public objection to the project.The project’s architect and Santa Paula Fire Department personnel did address the Planning Commission about different aspects of the project and safety issues that were mitigated.To be located at the former facility occupied by Harmony Construction
at 240 Quail Court, the new business is a portable sealcoat batchmixing plant, better known as a pavement maintenance company.The project also includes a 1,127 square-foot structure in the rear northwest corner of the property to cover all of the tanks associated with the sealcoat operation.The 2,000-gallon aboveground diesel and gasoline fuel tank, proposed in the center southeast portion of property, will not be covered. No grading or additions to the existing facility were proposed.The business will employ approximately 15 people on site and 35 people off-site. Hours of operation are from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays.The project was the subject of a traffic analysis which concluded it would generate almost the same number of daily trips as the previous business.The project has 43 parking spaces and includes parking for company vehicles.

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