Spring Break Little League results are in!

April 13, 2007
Minor A Results Week of 4-2-07/4-4-07 (Short week due to Easter)Mariners 3, Marlins 12Top Hitters:Mariners: Noah Magana, double; David Penuelas single.Marlins: Anthony Jimenez, 2 triples; Malique Galvan, 2 singles; Daniel Alcala, single; Gabriel Jimenez, 2 singles; Alex Rios, single; Andrew Godinez, single; Hugh Mohun, single.Winning Pitchers, Malique Galvan, Joseph Montanez.Player of the Game, Anthony Jimenez.Reds 3, Blue Jays 6Top Hitters:Reds: Angel Childs, 2 singles; Jonathan Hicks, double.Blue Jays: Buddy Garcia, single; Cody Acevedo, 2 singles; Jordan Mendoza, double, single; Isaac Ramirez, double.Winning Pitchers: Daniel Garcia, Justin Obiols.Player of the Game: Jordan Mendoza.Twins 4, Yankees 9Top Hitters:Twins: Jesus Nava Jr., triple; Alex Barrera, double.Yankees: Kennedy Frutos, single; Tony Contreras, single; Robert Cantero, single; AJ Prado, single; Edward Rabago, double; Arthur Enriquez, single.Winning Pitchers: Tony Contreras, Kennedy Frutos.Player of the Game: Kennedy FrutosMajor ResultsWhite Sox 12, Angels 0Top Hitters:White Sox: Maiko Reyes, single; Mike Ellis, Single, triple, Home Run; Richard Macias, Home Run, triple; Eddie Perez, single; Jose Jimenez, single; Tim Garcia, double, 2 singles.
Angels: no hits recordedNationals 3, Brewers 1Top Hitters:Nationals: Gabriel Diaz, 2 singles; Josh Stockton, single; Gabriel Ramos, 2 singles.Brewers: Steven Kohr, single; Hayden McClain, single; Nathan Villarreal, single.Winning Pitchers: Gabriel Diaz, Josh Stockton.Player of the Game: Gabriel RamosRed Sox 1, Pirates 6Top Hitters:Red Sox: Ramiro Montano, single; John Shaneyfelt, single.Pirates: Richard De La Trinidad, single; Isaac Carrillo, 2 singles; Jaron Fonseca, double, Home Run; Cody Whittaker, single; Carlos McGinity, single.Winning Pitcher: Steven Claudio.Player of the Game: Jaron Fonseca.Home Run DerbyAs of 4-4-07Josh Stockton, Nationals - 4Steven Kohr, Brewers - 2Hayden McClain, Brewers - 1Steven Claudio, Pirates - 1Mike Ellis, White Sox - 1Richard Macias, White Sox - 1Jaron Fonseca, Pirates - 1

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