Letters to the Editor

May 04, 2007
Thanks for supporting Hospice To the Editor:On Sunday, April 22 The Santa Clara Valley Hospice/ Home Support Group held its 24th Annual Home Tour and Art of Santa Paula fundraising event. This is the largest fundraising event used to support the free services provided by this organization to the people of the Santa Clara Valley.This year’s event included tours of four magnificent homes, an art and flower sale and ice cream refreshments. There are many people that made this event possible and a success. Foremost is the generosity of the homeowners that opened their homes for touring. We are very grateful to Evonne and Christopher Wilson, Joni and Dr. Phillip Snow, Michele and Rod Johns and Yosie and John Billig.For the first time we had a large banner to hang over Main Street to advertise our event. Our thanks go to H. Bolton Company and Santa Paula Rotary Club for their contributions. On Holly Drive all attendees were invited to enjoy ice cream refreshments furnished by Elias Valdez and Chino’s Market. Holly Drive in The Oaks is a wonderful place to enjoy refreshments and participate in the art and plant sale. The homeowners on Holly Drive help make this event a pleasure. They are friendly, cooperative and helpful. Their interest is greatly appreciated.Of course, the information articles, pictures and homeowner interviews in the Santa Paula Times provided detailed and interesting comments about each home, art walk and related events. We are very pleased that Santa Paula has a paper like the Times that supports local events in such a fine manner. Our appreciation goes to Peggy Kelly for writing the articles and Don and Debbie Johnson for their support.We are grateful for the goods, donations, contributions and support given by John Nichols Gallery, H. Bolton Company, Chino’s Market, Do Right Nursery, Santa Paula Times, The Gables of Ojai, Tottenham Court, Fallini Graphics, Otto and Sons Nursery, Santa Paula Rotary Club and Pamela’s. In addition, our thanks go to the businesses and organizations that promoted our event and sold tickets.Not to be forgotten are the many faithful and hard working Hospice Board members, volunteers and supporters that participated as host and hostesses at each home on the tour, worked at ticket sales and check in, refreshment, plant sale and silent auction/raffle tables. A special thanks goes to our office coordinator, Sigrid Wong, who worked tirelessly planning, organizing and making sure nothing was forgotten.Very important, a special thanks goes to the Committee co-chairpersons and organizers of this event. They include Marilyn Harvey, Kathryn Wilbur, Virginia Whittaker, Cathy Barringer, Lora Wingo and the President of The Santa Clara Valley Hospice/ Home Support Group, Dick Schmittou.Last, but not least, we thank the people of Santa Paula and the Santa Clara Valley for supporting and participating in our successful fundraising event. We are starting to plan for the 25th annual event and hope to see you there next year.Please visit our office at 133 North Mill Street to learn about our free services.Paul E. SmithCo-Chairman Home Tourand Art of Santa PaulaSanta Clara Valley Hospice/Home Support Group, Inc.Great job, Santa Paula PoliceTo the Editor:I listened to the scanner last night as did other residents of Santa Paula, and we heard the police come under attack, as they were trying to arrest some people on 13th and Orchard. They had to call for backup from the Sheriff’s Dept. and the CHP; it was a good thing they were available and close to response as soon as they did. It must also be noted the great job the dispatcher did under those conditions, with all the other calls coming in and trying to relate and pass on all the needed information that was happening.I was told there were four officers on duty, and they had about 100 people who wanted the six people that they ended up arresting, not the best odds. The training and the good working relationships they have with the other departments in the county proved a very successful outcome.This just helps prove we need more police and fire personnel on duty, as this large unruly crowd was being handled there was a shooting on Palm and Santa Barbara Street so some officers had to respond to that call. It is a good thing some of our police officers live in town to be able to come in on a moment’s notice.This is one reason we need to help to get more development inn the Santa Paula area, one or two won’t do, we need all three projects to help make Santa Paula the right place to live. Again I commend all the officers from all the agencies who were involved on Sunday night – a job well done.Mike LambertSanta PaulaVote Yes on A-7To the Editor:I have read all the letters so far in the papers about A-7.Thank you Mr. Hagaman for your kindly donation in the honor of your best friend Scott Anderson.I have a best friend and he’s Mr. Tovias. He’s helping run this election. He helped me and Robert Villa when we ran for an election. He’s one of the most honest and truthful human beings I know.Mr. Tovias, Mr. Gonzales, and Mr. Smead have over 30 years business experience in Santa Paula. We can trust these men to direct us in the right direction. Santa Paula has no money and we have a chance to get some for our town.I am a sister to a police officer in Oxnard. How can we honestly call on our police and firemen to keep our city safe. They are so understaffed and paid over 30 years. We want the best we can have, so we need money so we can keep and have the officers and firemen that we call that risk their lives every day to keep our town safe.We need good teachers and schools. We need new parks for the kids. Our ancestors worked hard to give us all that when we were growing up. Let’s give that back.If you have children or grandchildren why would you not vote yes on A-7. It’s for the generations coming up and their generations. Be a proud Santa Paulan and vote Yes Tuesday, May 8th for the CURB line to be moved and Santa Paula can have whatever the citizens vote for, not Ventura County.Tana RamirezSanta Paula citizen for over 50 yearsStorytelling onlyTo the Editor:In the final days prior to our voting on A-7, the opposition is trying to turn up the mud slinging and disinformation again.You would think their mothers would wash out their mouths with soap for telling such incorrect and false stories.After repeated attempts to misinform the well-informed proponents of A7, the “faithful few” are repeating, with no basis of fact, just their slant and not reality of the vote to be.John Turturro is sure sounding like “Baghdad Bob” with all the misinformation and storytelling he is telling, even after getting the correct information from the County Registrar of Voters pamphlet on the A7 proposal and the information Steve Smead gave at the public forum.VOTE YES ON A7Roger BrowerSanta PaulaCommon sense
To the Editor:It’s been said that if you tell a lie often and loudly enough, people will begin to believe that it is true... Pinnacle Development must think that’s the strategy that will work in Santa Paula. They keep repackaging the same nebulous development package and throwing it out to the voters of Santa Paula. I guess as developers it has worked for them elsewhere. I trust that here in Santa Paula we will surprise them by thinking about what is before us on the ballot and (again) saying no to these out of state carpetbaggers.Limoneira is developing their own plans for Santa Paula’s growth. Unlike the outsiders in Pinnacle Development, they are taking the time to find out what will work for all of us who live and work in Santa Paula. Limoneira’s proposal will come with binding guarantees and plans for their development when it is brought to the voters. Santa Paula will know what they are voting for.The opportunists that run Pinnacle are trusting that Santa Paula won’t quibble over the small print. They have already convinced several prominent locals to front for them. They are putting a lot of money into the effort. All Santa Paula has to counter is our common sense.The voters of Santa Paula deserve to know what we are voting for. Maybe Pinnacle will put binding proposals into their next try, after A-7 is voted down.Greg ThayerSanta PaulaBenefits of A7To the Editor:Santa Paula has its beauty, diversity and many opportunities, which makes Santa Paula a highly desirable place to live and visit. However Santa Paula continues to be the only city in the county according to the U.S. Census that had a loss in population in 2006, which could be related to lack of jobs and a better opportunity elsewhere.The benefits of A7 could include employment opportunities and the capacity to support new businesses. However, moving the city’s urban restriction boundary is vital to ensure growth is managed in a sustainable way, so Adams Canyon could be protected from any potential detriment.Case in point would be the Toland Road area as a pristine location, yet we have the dump located there. A7, as you already know, is a citizens’ initiative to regain control of Adams Canyon, nothing more. A7 does not approve any development; it does encourage growth into the canyon to save our valley and will keep Santa Paula’s unique character as a small town yet will help boost our local economy. Please join me and many Santa Paulans and Vote Yes on A7.Ray LunaSanta PaulaTouched and movedTo the Editor:I just got through reading Keith Hagaman’s response letter. I was so touched and moved by his memory and tribute to Scott Anderson, his beloved long time friend. I had to keep wiping my blinding tears to continue reading. He was so moved and touched by Scott’s love and commitment for Santa Paula that he generously donated $10,000 in Scott’s memory to Yes A7 for the betterment of Santa Paula, Scott’s beloved community. He knew in his heart how strong Scott felt about moving Santa Paula forward that he continued the drive for Scott in his memory by putting his wallet where his heart is. Hopefully it wasn’t in vain. We would pray to find a loyal friend like Keith.What a shame that we lost such a fine, kind, productive, caring, compassionate and loveable person, first to our poor local school district with low API scores, who would blame him as he was looking out for the best for his own children, then ultimately to brain cancer. He was a very generous man. Always helping people in many areas. He had so much love for life, his family, his friends, his neighbors, his church and his community. God called on the best. He must have needed him. I’ll always remember his dimples and his smile. Hopefully, we’ll bring in some more people with that caliber into the city with the Adams Canyon project, because we cannot continue to keep on losing any more quality people like Scott.Keith Hagaman, I’ve never met you but I know that you too are a fine, caring, compassionate, loyal and generous person. God bless you for your generosity, and your donation. You are more than welcomed here. As far as I’m concerned you are also a Santa Paulan after 20 years of being involved in this area, more so than many who just live and exist here without any involvement in their community. I’m hoping you are one of the ones that moves into the Adams Canyon because you are just the type of person that we need to reach Scott’s and our dream of moving forward and making Santa Paula a better place. A place that we can be proud to call home.As for the people who were quick to judge on “the Marina Del Rey Real Estate Investor donating to Yes A7,” eat your heart out. I hope I read a letter with your apologies and hope in your lifetime that you find such a loyal and compassionate friend just like the “investor.” I would like to see a street named after Scott Anderson and Keith Hagaman when Adams gets developed.Olivia EscotoSanta PaulaThe Truth….To the Editor:My husband and I have a small Airplane Banner business at Santa Paula Airport. We support Measure A7. My husband was born and raised in Santa Paula and I have lived here for seventeen years. We live and work in Santa Paula, we are raising our family here. We think A7 is the right thing for the future of Santa Paula. We have flown an aerial banner in support of A7. We have paid for this out of our own pocket. We were accused of being funded by big developer money and nothing could be further from the truth. We are flying banners in support of A7 as two concerned residents of Santa Paula who support this measure!Pete and Rowena MasonSanta PaulaNext Tuesday is election dayTo the editor:Next Tuesday is election day for Santa Paula and it’s a day when we have an opportunity to address the future of our fair city. I won’t rehash all of the various issues but I do have some comments on the numerous letters that have appeared in the last few weeks.I do hope that the critics of Keith Hagaman can see the egg on their faces for their over the top criticism of the long time friend of Santa Paulan Scott Anderson. Keith is not involved with Adams Canon and was honoring the memory of his friend. Scott and Keith both saw the future of Santa Paula and the need for reasonable growth.If you have not read the editorial in favor of Adams Canyon in the Ventura County Star, take a minute and read it. One letter writer even wrote that the Star had no business interfering in Santa Paula. Folks, the Ventura COUNTY Star is a county-wide newspaper and it is their responsibility to offer unbiased assessments of issues that affect the populace.They correctly pointed out that our City Council has the opportunity, if A7 passes, to do many good things for Santa Paula. There just isn’t a downside.We should not be proud of our reputation as the low-income housing center of the county. There should be housing at all economic levels and I would point out that it is our local developers who have saddled us with numerous projects that are a drain on city resources. Enough is enough! Do you really like the monstrosity on Main Street?Some people seem to fear that Adams Canyon homes will be gated. Well, Santa Paula has another gated community that perhaps some people don’t understand. Hillview Estates on Telegraph Road is the same concept that will be adopted in Adams Canyon, except that those homes will be ten times the price.My wife and I live in Hillview Estates so we do know what we’re talking about. Our homeowners association pays directly for all the street maintenance, maintains all the streetlights, the parks, the RV area, the dog run, the clubhouse, the walks, and our own trash pickup. The city pays for none of those things.We all pay property taxes, yet our community is for the over 55 set, so we pay full school taxes, but we don’t send any kids to the local schools. Our property taxes do pay for police and fire protection, and we pay regular rates for water and sewer.SOAR offers no solutions, neither do the numerous letter writers who just have their heads in the sand. SOAR continues to try to frighten our citizens. Don’t be afraid of wealthy individuals that might choose to have a home here. Keep in mind, they do spend money and pay huge property taxes. Remember, a $4million home will pay over $40,000 in property taxes every year.I would urge Councilmen Aguirre and Procter to set aside their loyalties to low-income and farm worker housing to do what is right for the whole city and support the very reasonable growth in Adams Canyon. We can’t let Adams Canyon go to the county. Please vote yes on A6.Craig MaillouxSanta Paula

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