Left to right are the Lazenby family: Corbin, Dustin, Eirely, Tanner, Kasea, Tatum

Santa Paula is home to very special mom

May 11, 2007
Santa Paula News
By Susan Branham Santa Paula TimesSanta Paula is home to a very special mom. Kasea Lazenby is so special that she was named Young Mother of the Year for the state of California. When she speaks of her family, one can quickly see why she was chosen for this honor.“My thoughts, my heart and every ounce of my soul are centered on my family 24/7,” Kasea said in a speech presented at the American Mothers, Inc. Convention. “The magic of all this is; the more I give, the more my children give and teach me. In losing myself I have found myself.”As California’s 2007 Young Mother of the Year, she attended the American Mothers Inc. 72nd National Convention in Las Vegas. State Young Mothers are chosen for their dedication and outstanding qualities. “I was honored to represent California,” she said. “I was so excited. It was nice to be recognized.” Kasea is married to Dustin Lazenby and they have four children. Son Tanner is nine-and-a-half years old, Corbin is eight, daughter Tatum is six and Eirely is two.Her speech, themed “The Magic of Motherhood,” focused on her children. “They have taught me diligence and patience,” she said. “In praying for them, I have learned humility and pure love. I have become a better woman because of Tanner, Corbin, Tatum and Eirely.”Kasea is grateful for the examples and influence of both her mother and her grandmother. “Motherhood is a journey,” she said. “There is no rule book or manual for success. Fortunately, I have had examples of strong women to teach me what I believe a mother and wife should be. My mother and grandmother inspire me.”
Kasea also finds inspiration from her husband and children. She told of the first moments after the birth of her first child. “Only seconds old, he looked into my eyes, grabbing my heart,” she said. “My newborn son, what a miracle! I had so much love to give, so much to teach him. Little did I know he had so much to teach me.”American Mothers Inc. is devoted to home and family. Their mentoring program offers forums for discussion and helpful information for moms. As part of their pledge, American Mothers seek to “Love, nurture and educate my children remembering the power and influence of a joyful home...”The joy of that home is captured in Kasea’s descriptions. “Before going to bed at night, I kiss each of the kids,” said Kasea. “I can feel the warmth of their breath on my cheek, like angel’s whispers... and I’ve never felt closer to God. I feel it is such an honor to be blessed with this miraculous and magical calling of motherhood.”

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