Young Writers’ Contest 2009

June 05, 2009
Santa Paula News
By Brenda deJamaer CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the 2009 Santa Paula Elementary School District’s Young Writers’ Contest. The 29th annual Contest yielded 88 winners from grades 1 through 8. The young, creative writers received their awards at a special awards ceremony held the evening of May 27 at the Isbell School Cafeteria. Brenda deJamaer, Library Educational Specialist for the District, coordinated the Contest and made the award presentations. Prizes were awarded in both poetry and short story categories at each grade level.There were 975 entries and the young writers wrote about family, friends, pets, feelings, sports, aliens and school. There were mysteries, fantasies, tall tales, thrillers and adventures. Mrs. deJamaer stated “It is evident from the entries that imagination and creativity are alive and thriving in the minds of our young authors.” Our judges faced quite a challenge this year and a big thank you goes to the 14 who gave their time and expertise to the task. The judges were Leslie Borchard, Julia Copeland, Patti Jones, Jeri Mead and Donna Nelson from the school district; Phyllis Dorsey, Helen Gibson, Jackie Kwasny and Linda Spink, school district retirees; Ilene Gavenman, Bev Mueller, and Dan Robles from Blanchard Community Library; Suzi Skutley from the Santa Paula Times and Teri Rhodehamel, a published poet, from the community.Refreshments of cake and punch were provided and served by the Santa Paula Federation of Teachers for the winners and their families at the awards ceremony. The 1st through 3rd place cash prizes were provided by Mrs. Pat Alderson and Mr. Jerry Burns, both school district retirees and long time supporters of libraries and this Contest. The Santa Paula Elementary CSEA Chapter 497 also made a donation to the cash prizes.Congratulations to this year’s winners!!GRADE 1 POETRY1st – Sammy Palomares“Grasshopper” 2nd – Agustin Lua “Camping” 3rd – Linda Flor Rodriquez“My Sister May Ate My Ice Cream” Hon. Men. – Aubree Alaniz“A Frog” GRADE 1 STORY1st – Aubree Alaniz“The Dancing Flower” 2nd – Noah Hilles “Hansome & Gridle” 3rd – Julia Fernandez “The Four Friends” Hon. Men. – Alyssa Castillo “I Love Barbecues” -- Sammy Palomares “The Duck & the Frog” -- Lorena Ruiz “The Alligator Who Wanted the Soup”GRADE 2 POETRY1st – Giselle Delgado “Your Blue Eyes” 2nd – Nicholas Campbell“The Boy Who Lost His Head” 3rd -- TIE -- Darianna Vasquez “The Breeze” -- Elvis Cilio “Barack Obama” Hon. Men. – Jasmin Magana“Flowers” -- Jenny Magana “My Build-a-Bear” GRADE 2 STORY1st – Randy Watts “Magic Shoes” 2nd – Celine Moreno Garcia“The Flying Baby” 3rd – Kamryn Blaskey “The Magic Shoes” Hon. Men. – Ileah Marquez “The Step Mom” -- Tylo Medrano“Carnival Night” -- Zachery Fincher “A Cat’s Trip to the Moon” -- Carlos Alvarado “The Lost Boat” GRADE 3 POETRY1st – Kaitlyn Olivares“Winter Dancer” 2nd – Deven Leon “Elegant Snowflake” 3rd – Chloe Hilles“It’s Waning, It’s Waxing” Hon. Men. – Chloe Zurita “Panther” -- Brittaney Van Buren “Winter” GRADE 3 STORY1st – Destinee Hernandez “The Christmas Story” 2nd – Peter Appleby“Peter & Franklin’s Frostbite Adventure” 3rd – Isaias Ramirez “ Trouble in the Jungle” Hon Men. – Elijah Tirado“The Dragon Sitter” -- Emily Vargas “Meeting the Author” --Richie Alvarez“How Happy Was Sad” --Isaiah Ruiz “Titanic” -- Kayla Garcia“An Attack of a Fifty Foot Teacher” GRADE 4 POETRY1st – Michael Balsach “Picking a Drink at the Rink” 2nd – Daisy Dalrymple“Nick the Nacho” 3rd – TIE -- Francisco Navarro“Pheasant Feather” -- Marisa Valverde“Winter” -- Sebastian Miller “Monsters” Hon. Men. – Maribel Saucedo “Larry” -- Christopher Mefford“The Sweet One” GRADE 4 STORY
1st – Laura Fernandez “The Rapids” 2nd – Jonathan Lyons “Nikolas, The Vampire’s Friend/Foe” 3rd – Sonny Grajeda“Magic Bowling Shoes” Hon. Men. – Samuel Atilano “James & Matilda” -- Tristan Gonzales “Being Babe Ruth” -- Karina J. Lopez Carmona “The Best Day Ever” --Angelica Hurtado“The Family” GRADE 5 POETRY1st – Brianna Gonzalez“Painted Horse” 2nd – Leslie Ramos“Dried Moss” 3rd – Antonio Soriano“The Best Dog” Hon. Men. – Daisy Zuniga “My Future” -- Nicole Enriquez “It’s Just Not Fair” -- Taylor Madden “Summer” GRADE 5 STORY1st – Taylor Madden“The Bond” 2nd – Cory Putnam “Gone Astray” 3rd – Esmeralda Herrera “Doomed to Slavery” Hon. Men. – Alejandra Limon “Veronica’s Bad Luck” -- James Henry “Microwave Pancakes ”-- Yanely Gonzalez “Brandy & Her Horrible Soccer Skills”GRADE 6 POETRY1st – Laura Solis“Freedom” 2nd – Mitzi Torres“Music is Awesome” 3rd – TIE-- Bailey Van Buren “My own Place” -- Neftali Arevalo“The Last Zorse” GRADE 6 STORY1st – Iliana De La Trinidad “Katlyn” 2nd – Laura Solis“Bob’s Message” 3rd – TIE -- Maria Alonzo“My Grandpa & Me” -- Jessica Arenas “Diary in the Abandoned Storage Room” Hon. Men. – Alfredo Alamillo“A Lost Queen” GRADE 7 POETRY1st – Anays Magana“Nasty Lemonade” 2nd – TIE-- Kayla Scott “Friends Till the End” -- Selina Martinez“Best Friends for Life” 3rd – Conor Kruse “Wildlife” GRADE 7 STORY1st – Zoe Appleby “Clue in the Painting” 2nd – Elizabeth Fernandez“The Hike” 3rd – Cole Phelps “The Great Change” GRADE 8 POETRY1st – Brian Gialketsis “Migrant Workers Poems” 2nd – Jacqueline Luna “Everything is Not What it Seems” 3rd – Lina Partida “Fall from Grace” Hon. Men. – Diana Xicotencatl “Everything has Changed” -- Jonathan Tabarez “The Little Green Couch” GRADE 8 STORY1st – Brian Gialketsis “Dream Careful” 2nd – Alyssa Smith “Fallen Angel” 3rd – Carla Casarez “Karina the Ketchup” Hon. Men. – Lindsey Grant“Magic Tree House” -- Paola Arredondo “The Quest for the Magic Burrito”

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