Bauerlein: Isbell counselor honored by Chamber as Educator of the Month

April 20, 2011
Santa Paula News

Katie Bauerlein, a middle school counselor as invaluable to her peers as she is to students, was honored by the Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce at the April Good Morning Santa Paula.

The monthly breakfast meeting was held at Logsdon’s at the Santa Paula Airport.

Isbell Middle School Principal Laura Rynott said honoring Bauerlein as Educator of the Month was emotional, as “To say she is the heart of Isbell is an understatement.... Katie has been with us for seven years,” a period of time that also saw the birth of her two children.

But in reality, Rynott said, Bauerlein “has 1,100 kids, not only our students but the staff members” who have learned to rely on Bauerlein’s dedication. “Everybody knows when an issue comes up with the students,” whether academic, in the home, or in peer relationships, “Katie won’t give up until she finds a solution or finds help” to resolve the issue.

Rynott said that at times principals are isolated, “trying to find someone to vent to or to jump around and bounce ideas off of.... Katie has been invaluable to me as I struggle through” the more and more difficult challenges faced by administrators, as well as by educators charged with shaping lives through education. Rynott said, “It really is my honor” to present Bauerlein with the Educator of the Month Award.

Good Morning Santa Paula Moderator Ben Schuck asked Bauerlein if she had any stories about her counseling experiences, but she said it was hard to narrow it down to only one.

Bauerlein noted, “It blows my mind that when I got into counseling I had no idea I would get into the issues I did, especially with the kids.... I am amazed what kids are going through in Santa Paula.”

And Bauerlein said middle school students are her particular favorites: “I have worked at all levels, even college, but I love middle school. I love the community of Santa Paula; I got my start here at Renaissance High School.”

It is “amazing what our students are going through, positive things” as well as situations and challenges that Bauerlein said are often sad and troubling. But, “I absolutely love it and wouldn’t be anywhere else.”

“Thank you for contributing to the lives of our students,” said Schuck.

John Macik/Santa Paula Chevrolet provides the monthly Chamber of Commerce award plaques.

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