Letters to the Editor

December 30, 2011

Lack of support

To the Editor:

I am writing this to you in response to an article I saw in the Times.

Being a Santa Paula resident and business owner (in Oxnard) I was shocked that your paper would run such an information piece and cannot believe that the “Friendship Club” from our community would commit such an atrocity to local business.

While driving down Main Street, one cannot help but notice the banners imploring our community to “Shop Santa Paula.”

Are our local restaurants not businesses that the “Friendship Club” should support?

They are asking in this piece for us to support their cause, yet they are not supporting those in business here in their community.

On top of that, this year the message is “Small Shop.”

Support those small businesses that make America run.

This event was scheduled and held at a chain restaurant. Again, it just flies in the face of small business here in Santa Paula. Were the local restaurants not good enough for their function? Chili Hut, Vince’s, Glen Tavern, Tia Babes, Mupu, and forgive me for not mentioning the vast number of other fine eateries here in town… El Pescador, Familia Diaz, La Cabaña, etc.

Shame on the Friendship Club for not supporting our local businesses. We don’t need another vacant storefront downtown and more out of work locals.

The next time a local organization that claims to benefit our local community holds a function claiming to do just that, they should consider truly benefiting our community 100%.

Frank T. Ursitti

Santa Paula

Support appreciated

To the Editor:

The Santa Paula Veterans of Foreign Wars Mercer-Prieto Post 2043 enjoyed their annual Christmas Dinner on Thursday, December 15, 2011. The dinner was held at the St. Paul’s Lutheran and Episcopal Church hall and many thanks go to Pastor Ron Dybvig for all his support.

We would like to give many special thanks to all our Post members, their wives and families, and to all our guests, for all their support, the excellent food and dessert dishes they all provided to make this a very special Christmas Dinner. The Santa Paula VFW Post 2043 receives generous support each year from many local merchants and we would like to acknowledge them for their support: Santa Paula Chevrolet, Frank’s Paint & Hardware, Seeber’s Pharmacy, El Pescador, La Cabaña, Familia Diaz and Tia Babe’s restaurants for their generous donations. A special donation was also provided to the Post 2043 by Trader Joe’s of Ventura. These donations are the highlight to our Post no cost raffle for our members and their family. Thank you,

Gerald V. Olivas, Commander

VFW Post 2043

Santa Paula

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