A view of the Richard Ruiz Field after being sprayed to kill the old grass. The City Council voted this week to authorize allocating $898,603 for the Harding Park Master Plan Improvement Project.

Harding Park improvement project getting started

September 21, 2012

Planning for improvements at Harding Park began in 2010 and now the actual work is getting underway.

The City Council voted this week to authorize† allocating $898,603 for the Harding Park Master Plan Improvement Project..† The majority of the funding comes from the Harding Park Trust Fund account.† The contract was awarded to Malibu Pacific, Inc.

The council approved plans for the project this past June.† Work includes renovating Tom Moore and Richard Ruiz baseball fields as well as a new backstop and storage building for the Hersel Hopkins softball field.† The project also includes structural enhancements, safety improvements and ADA accessibility improvements.

The two baseball fields will be graded, new irrigation systems will be installed and storage buildings will be renovated and refurbished.† The parking lot will be repaved and lights will be added, along with landscaping.

City staff told the council that additional funds from the Park and Facility Fund may be needed for the projectís contingencies.† If those funds are needed the Harding Park Trust Fund will repay the city.† The trust fund brings in about $100,000 annually.

The city has started killing the old grass and once thatís completed the contractor will start work.† Itís estimated that the project should be completed 75 days later.

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