As an example of how sunflowers can really grow, the one in Cathy Hicks’ garden is seven feet tall! (Pictured l-r: Cathy Hicks and Children's Librarian Ilene Gavenman.)

Grow the tallest Sunflower part of “Dig into Reading”

May 03, 2013
Santa Paula News

As part of the 2013 Summer Reading Program, with this year’s theme “Dig Into Reading!”, the Santa Paula Optimist Club and Blanchard Community Library are sponsoring a contest to see who can grow the tallest sunflower. Any child or teen to age 17 who can grow the tallest plant from seeds provided by the Optimist Club can win a check for $15.

The seeds and pots will be given out to the youth on Tuesday, June 25, and at that time Optimist Club members will help the youth plant seeds. They will also provide directions on how to plant the seed in their back yards. Judging will be August 13, 2013.

Blanchard Community Library is located at 119 N. 8th St. in Santa Paula. For further information about this and other library programs and events, please call the library at 525-3615.

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