State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson offered beignets and business help as well as a brainstorming session with Mayor John Procter and City Planning Director Janna Minsk during a recent visit to Santa Paula’s Rabalais.

State Sen. Jackson envisions corridor
of success through Heritage Valley

August 12, 2015
Santa Paula News

She spent the morning chairing a regional workshop on how businesses can take advantage of the California Competes tax credit and business stayed on the mind of State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, who later met with Santa Paulans on the patio of Rabalais.

Jackson spoke with private citizens and Mayor John Procter during her July 23 visit, offering beignets and business help as well as a brainstorming session with Procter and City Planning Director Janna Minsk during the visit.

“I want to create an opportunity for innovation in the Heritage Valley,” said Jackson. “Turn this into an innovation corridor” of cutting edge, environmentally friendly businesses that would bring jobs, create a demand for housing and generate new tax revenues for cash needy Santa Paula and other river valley cities.

“Intelligent growth but something that would not wreck Santa Paula’s,” famed ambiance and history,” she told Mayor John Procter and City Planning Director Janna Minsk.

Actually, what Jackson sees for the city is JEDI: “The jobs and economic development initiative…this area is ripe for entrepreneurship, Santa Paula was created by entrepreneurs,” that created Union Oil and Limoneira, “and the possibilities for it are endless.”

After a discussion with Procter and Minsk about JEDI, which included Jackson urging the city’s planning director to contact Star Wars creator George Lucas to urge him to invest in Santa Paula perhaps with an ideally located film studio.

Procter said he was brainstorming with Jackson on several city needs that could benefit from state help.

“I was curious about opportunities we might have with our wastewater treatment plant,” and other water issues that Procter said he discussed with Jackson.

Earlier in the day she had been at the Limoneira visitors center where the tax credit workshop—sponsored by Jackson, the Chamber of Commerce and the Governor’s Office of Business & Economic Development (GO-Biz)—was held. The workshop was co-sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and Limoneira.

The California Competes Program provides upwards of $31 million as an income tax credit to businesses that want to locate, remain and grow their businesses in California. 

“California is looking better than ever,” said Jackson, “but businesses have to take advantage of programs that are available to them. And Santa Paula should be right in line for every program that will help it grow economically…

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