School District gets report on traffic
study, discusses how to name facilities

January 20, 2016
Santa Paula News

The Santa Paula Unified School District board reviewed the recently completed joint City/District Traffic study at their January 13 meeting.

The study analyzed traffic, pedestrian and parking conditions at Santa Paula High School and on public streets immediately adjacent to the high school. 

The study calls for increased signage and lighting, but no new traffic district as some had proposed, other than on Palm Court. The City has taken action to restrict parking on Palm Court to residents only and reportedly will start ticketing illegally parked vehicles soon.

SPUSD Board Member Michelle Kolbeck said she understood that the city intended to remove the palm trees on Palm Court and reconfigure the street, eliminating the sidewalk up the middle of the road. She added, “There doesn’t seem to be any sign that the city is going to enforce parking.” And, she noted, “The signs don’t mention the fact that parking is allowed in front of school facilities.” The SPUSD owns several homes on the lower part of Palm Court. The swimming pool and the McMahon Gym are also facing the street.

Some of the proposed improvements around the high school include, speed feedback signs on Santa Paula Street, school warning signs with 25 MPH speed limit up to 1,000 feet from the school grounds, installing street lights on street corners, no left-turn signage on 5th Street and 6th Street during peak hours and improving crosswalks.

In another matter the Board reviewed a proposed policy for the naming of school facilities.

The report states, “A proposal for the naming of a portion of a school campus or individual facility on a campus may be brought forth by a school site or interested individuals. Prior to the Board’s consideration, individuals shall present relevant background of the proposal to the Board.”

The policy further says that the selection of a name for a school shall take place during a regular meeting of the Board of Education and shall include a public hearing and be presented as an action item on the agenda. In making a final determination, the Board shall ensure that the recommendation shall be consistent with the philosophy, mission, and values of the school district in furthering excellence in public education. 

The decision of the Board shall be final in all cases relative to naming of a school and/or portions of a school and specific facilities on school sites.

The Board of Education shall name schools or individual buildings in recognition of: 

1. Individuals, living or deceased, who have made outstanding contributions to the county or community. 

2. Individuals, living or deceased, who have made contributions of state, national or worldwide significance. 

3. The geographic area in which the school or building is located.

The Board may appoint an ad hoc committee to review all name suggestions for the Board’s final consideration. Community support for a proposed name for a school shall be consideration in the naming of school.

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