Cal Trans sign tells motorists that Highway 150 will be closed at Say Road Saturday night, February 20 from 8 p.m. to Sunday morning at 10 a.m.

Weekend power pole replacement project to detour Highway 150 traffic

February 17, 2016
Santa Paula News

Two electrical power poles will be replaced and traffic detoured overnight Saturday into Sunday, a project that will flatly turn away larger size vehicles.

The February 20-21 Southern California Edison project will take place on Ojai/Santa Paula Road/Highway 150 at Say Road.

Interim Public Works Director Brian Yanez said the road closure would be in effect beginning Saturday, February 20 at 8 p.m. through 10 a.m. Sunday, February 21. Residents of course will have access to their properties.

All commuter traffic will be detoured off Ojai Road, and around the road closure site, in accordance with the SCE Detour Plan.

According to the SCE project notice, “All Oversize vehicles, buses, motorhomes, tractor trailer rigs, 5th wheel vehicles, delivery trucks, tankers, and any vehicles determined too large to proceed through the Detour shall be turned away at the following intersections,” northbound Highway 150 at Santa Barbara Street and southbound Highway 150 at June Street.

A detour map supplied showed the detour route to be Richmond Road to Encino Place to Say Road, to Cliff to Woodland drives and back out to the 150.

Either way, on Sunday morning at 10 a.m., a single lane with flagmen will be opened, and the detour will be removed.

“Traffic control,” noted the SCE notice “will be in effect until the work is complete.”

Yanez said the timing of the project was done to keep in mind access issues.

“They’re anticipating less problems if the work is done overnight, and that time for the work hours is based on a Caltrans permit…although residential on both sides Ojai/Santa Paula Road is a state highway.”

Electronic signs have been advertising the upcoming traffic impacts for weeks but Yanez said it took some time to get the final project plan with details on detours.

Utility companies and the state “kind of ignore us when we ask for details, and while we understand they have to do their own thing and such work is necessary, obviously we have residents. Our residents need information in advance…”

Those who know the streets best will be involved in the traffic enforcement end of the project: “I believe the California Highway Patrol asked Santa Paula Police if they wanted the work and they’ll do it,” noted Yanez.

But he added, overall, “If you can ignore the 150 during that timeframe, that would be great…”

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