La Terraza garners PC support for eatery expansion, banquet facility

January 27, 2017
Santa Paula News

La Terraza gained Planning Commission approval for expanding the restaurant into an adjacent building holding banquet facilities, a plan that had been sanctioned before in a different format. A new hearing was required due to the expiration of the original permit. 

Adan Sandoval, owner of La Terraza, located on the corner of 10th and Main streets, was one of two applicants that had their special event center projects approved by the commission on January 24. 

Palazzio, proposed by photographer Jose Melgar, was also approved for the building located at 814 E. Main St.

Both projects will next be considered by the City Council for final approval.

According to Joyce Parker-Bozylinski, contract planner, Sandoval plans to make the two buildings “look like one” using brick and stone on the façade. 

Sandoval is seeking facilities to serve a capacity of 370 people and his business has a beer and wine license.

A new doorway would provide two Main Street entrances to the larger building, formerly a furniture store, and there would be more access between the buildings.

Sandoval, noted Parker-Bozylinski, “Has indicated he would like to explore expanding his restaurant into the area,” with the balance of the building providing banquet facilities.

The new business would require 124 parking spaces; Sandoval would provide valet parking for 110 leaving the need of 14 spaces that would be accommodated by private lots.

Although Sandoval requested closing at 1:30 a.m.; he must close at 12:30 a.m. and stop bar service one hour earlier, a half-hour more than requested. 

“I liked this project before and I like it now,” said Commissioner Fred Robinson, who noted he viewed Sandoval’s proposal as “a much expanded restaurant that could accommodate events,” rather than an event center. 

Sandoval’s consultant explained most of the project remained the same; his request for longer hours and a ? cutoff time for bar service are in line with state Alcoholic Beverage Control mandates. 

“Santa Paula is probably the only city in Ventura County,” that does otherwise.

There is an existing council ordered caveat in the permit that expired that Sandoval provide shuttle service is not practical the consultant added.

Sandoval, the consultant added, did object to the ban on a cover charge as he has no intention of opening a nightclub and some of the facility’s users, including nonprofits, could be charging for entrance.

Sandoval, who has owned the popular business for 33 years, said Santa Paula could use a destination venue, including a place for Sunday brunches and dinners with mariachi or other musical entertainment that could require a cover charge to help offset the cost.

“It’s not a bar, I don’t like bars,” but later he would apply for a distilled spirits license to accommodate his patrons.

Said Sandoval, “We’ve been there 30 years,” and never had an incident.

Laura Espinosa, a former city councilwoman, told the commission she supports the application, which she noted should be considered new, not an extension of the old.

“I felt at the very beginning this is an excellent project,” that she urged the commission to approve. 

“I’m happy to see Mr. Sandoval out here,” said Commission Chairman Ike Ikerd. “I’m happy to see it back here again; I want to see the project done but not the shuttle service.”

Parker-Bozylinski said that with commission consensus, the council could readdress the issue. 

The full commission approved the application, which requires final approval from the City Council.

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