New police officers: Madison, Ramirez & Spencer join SPPD

August 14, 2002
Santa Paula News

The Santa Paula Police Department has welcomed three new officers who will help serve the community.

By Peggy KellySanta Paula TimesThe Santa Paula Police Department has welcomed three new officers who will help serve the community.Cody Madison, Paul Spencer Jr. and Hector Ramirez were hired late last year and recently sworn in as members of the city’s law enforcement team, according to SPPD Sgt. Gary Marshall.Officer Madison, 31, said he joined the SPPD because “I enjoy making the community a safer place for everyone to live in. . .”Before joining the SPPD, Officer Madison was a Reserve Officer with the Port Hueneme Police Department for almost a year before moving on to the Oxnard Police Department where he was a Reserve Officer for two-and-a-half years.
Officer Spencer, 28, was already a familiar figure to the SPPD: he had been a Reserve Officer for the force for three years.Officer Spencer said his reasons for joining the SPPD was to work in a “rewarding and exciting career.”Sgt. Marshall said the new officers will enhance the department’s effectiveness by enabling the SPPD to have more officers on patrol duty to assist citizens.Officer Ramirez did not supply any biographical information.“The SPPD wants to welcome Officers Madison, Spencer and Ramirez to the department,” said Sgt. Marshall. “If you see our new officers, be sure to introduce yourself. . .they are now a part of the Santa Paula community and are eager to be of service to the citizens.”Last year, the City Council established a list of goals, including beefing up the understaffed SPPD by hiring at least three new officers.

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