Blanchard Community Library music appreciation class

December 18, 2002
Santa Paula News
By Breda George On October 16, Mrs. Rose Ann Jones made her sixth visit to the classical music appreciation class at the Blanchard Community Library. She brought her electric keyboard and a bag full of dolls dressed in beautiful costumes. Besides being an accomplished pianist, Mrs. Jones is also an excellent seamstress. All her dolls’ clothes were made by her to help illustrate the story of the music she played.Her program this year was Mother Goose Suite by French composer Maurice Ravel. This suite is based on fairy tales by French author C. Perrault - Sleeping Beauty, Thom Thumb, Plain Jane, The Empress of the Pagodas, Beauty and the Beast, and The Fairy Garden. At the beginning of each new fairy tale she took a gorgeously dressed doll out of her bag, to the great delight of her young audience. Mrs. Jones and Mother Goose Suite were a great hit, not only with the children but also with their mothers.Mrs. Jones is studying piano with Peter Yazbeck of Camarillo. She has been visiting Ventura County schools for the past several years, every year with a new music program. We are fortunate and grateful that she can include us in her busy schedule.Classical music appreciation, now in its eighth year, is presented every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. at the Blanchard Community Library by library volunteer Breda George.On November 13, Xavier Montes visited the Blanchard Library music appreciation class. He brought his beautiful new harp and gave the children an overview of Mexican folk music. First he played and sang a Ranchera, and then a Bolero (a love song). Besides Mexican songs, he also played a South American song and everybody’s favorite Italian song, “O Sole Mio.” He also played an original song, “Carmen,” dedicated to his aunt Carmen De Leon.
After his program, for which he received big applause, he answered several questions about his harp and why it is his favorite instrument. Although he has learned to play several instruments, the harp is the one he enjoys playing best. Everyone was astonished at his ability to improvise his songs.Xavier Montes is a noted Santa Paula musician and artist. Through the years he has visited the music appreciation class several times. His visits are always a great delight to his young audience. We are very grateful and feel honored that he can spare time from his busy schedule to perform for us.Music appreciation, now in its eighth year, is presented every Wednesday morning at 10:30 at the Blanchard Community Library by library volunteer Breda George.

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