The Oaks

April 09, 2004
By Deacon Alfonso A. Guilin The oak tree bloom has been heavy this year, or so it seems. Our yard and the roof of our house have taken on a yellow cast and the wind creates small snow-like drifts of the dry bloom as they pile up against rocks and walls.After living under oak trees for over 25 years the bloom seems more noticeable or perhaps I have paid more attention this year.The Easter season also has become more noticeable. Perhaps all the controversy over Mel Gibson’s, “The Passion of the Christ” and the war in Iraq has made it more prominent.What does it mean? Is the bloom just a nuisance that will require more time with the blower to clean them up or will it increase the misery and sneezing of allergy sufferers with the irritating pollen floating around in the air? But there is a connection. I know that there will be acorns this fall and small oak trees will sprout and some will eventually become majestic trees to be admired by future generations.So it is with The Easter Season. We, as Christians, celebrate a death with the hope that it will lead to new life. We even celebrate suffering on the belief that the struggle will make us stronger and perhaps more tolerant of someone else’s pain.The crucifixion was meant not only to kill Jesus and rob him of his dignity, but also to intimidate his followers. But it is hard to humiliate someone who allows himself to be arrested, who freely goes to his death and does not allow himself to be portrayed as a mere helpless person.
Paradoxically it is the ones who plotted and forced the execution that were humiliated and reviled throughout history. Yet he forgave the very people who hung him on the cross and that must have been the ultimate humiliation for them.So regardless of how irritating the oak bloom may be now, I know deep down in my faith that the problem will subside and one day there will be that majestic oak tree providing shade for the weary and nests for the birds.Happy Easter.

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