Letters to the Editor

September 09, 2005
Economic summit To the Editor:I would like to thank the Santa Paula Times for the coverage of the City’s economic summit on August 27. The Economic Development Advisory Committee did a wonderful job of bringing in outside speakers who had objective ideas and cautionary tales regarding cities that have faced similar economic problems. I would especially like to recognize John Chamberlain who moderated the event, and consultant Steve Coyle who helped with logistics and planning.I would like to make one minor correction in the story. In the State’s shift of property tax away from cities and counties to school districts, Simi Valley lost $7.25 million compared to Santa Paula’s $6.9 million, and Camarillo lost $3.45 million over the years from 1992-93 to 2004-05. Obviously, Simi Valley and Camarillo experienced less of an impact due to their larger budgets and other available revenues such as sales tax.Mary Ann Krause, MayorCity of Santa PaulaA most successful paradeTo the Editor:On behalf of the Santa Paula Labor Day Weekend Parade Committee members Dora Crouch, Anita Pulido and Audrey Vincent, I wish to thank all those who made Saturday, September 3, 2005 a memorable one. We especially thank our sponsors, Santa Paula Rotary, Centex Homes, Cabrillo Economic Development, Heritage Valley Harvesting Inc., Latino Town Hall, Macarenas Furniture and Chino’s Market, whose contributions paid for our expenses, and the Santa Paula Community Fund and Bob Russell for help with a bank account. We are most grateful to the City Council, Wally Bobkiewicz, and Community Services staff Brian Yanez and Ed Mount for all their support. And, of course, how could we have a parade without the participation and support of our Santa Paula Police and Fire Departments.
So much work is involved in putting on a parade that it would take more space than this page to name every individual, from city workers to all those folks who walked or rode, nevertheless we want them to know they are appreciated. Others whom we need to single out are: our volunteer judges, Joanne Guilin, Esther Marquez and Connie Tushla; Guy Cole, who provided the flatbed truck for our judges; Eric Barrigan, who provided a vehicle and driver for our Council members; Rotarians Joe Jauregui and Paul Smith and Chino’s Market employee Luis, who helped with the line up; our Parade Announcer Peggy Kelly; and Ron and Pamela Merson, who truly “know every thing you ever wanted to know” and more about putting on a parade for their advice, support and the orchestration of the event Saturday morning. In addition, we thank our very special hometown newspaper, The Santa Paula Times, for all the coverage of the event that we know was responsible for so many people coming out to cheer our workforce.Finally, I need to mention an anonymous phone call that I received about ten days before the parade. The woman wanted to know if we had obtained music, saying that you can’t have a parade without a band. Since at that time we were still trying to get music, I had to tell her that so far we were without a band and she replied, “Well that’s Santa Paula for you”. As those who came Saturday can attest, we did get a band after all, our talented Cardinal Band did come after I explained our need to Principal Tony Gaitan and spoke to the new Music Director David Kadansky. They came, even though at the same time band members were putting on a car wash to raise funds for badly needed new instruments. And to put a final flourish on our parade, the Asociacion de Charros la Nochhistlense of Santa Paula brought us a wonderful surprise, a float with a youth mariachi band and beautiful senoritas in folklorico costumes that preceded their charros on horseback.To top off the morning, we were entertained by the music provided by our most popular Razzberry Jam Jazz Band and Xavier Montes and his charming and gifted young protégé in her first public appearance. For all of us who were there, I think that we can proudly say “Now THAT’S SANTA PAULA”!Joanne WrightSanta Paula

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