Letters to the Editor

October 23, 2015

VFW says 

thank you

To the Editor:

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Mercer-Prieto Post 2043, Santa Paula, California would like to thank the Santa Paula community for their continued support of our annual Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser. The fundraiser was on Thursday October 15, 2015 at the Santa Paula Community Center and was very successful because of everyone’s support. The funds from this event are used throughout the year to support local organizations within the Santa Paula area. They also support expenses incurred by our post to participate in community events.

A very special thank you to all our volunteers, the VFW veterans and their Family’s who donated their time and energy, Vons Market and Tom Spence from Radio KVTA 1590 for their support.  We would also like to thank Don and Debbie Johnson, Peggy Kelly and Brian Wilson from the Santa Paula Times for their support in keeping us in the public’s eye for this event. A special thanks also to Ed Mount, Teresa Ruiz, Beverly Ruiz and staff for their support with the Santa Paula Community Center.


Gerald V. Olivas


Veterans of Foreign Wars

Post 2043

To The Book Lovers of Santa Paula

To the Editor:

Because I did not approve of the way the current Friends of the Library board was expending funds from the book sales at the library and from the estate of Louise Gooding I had resigned as Book Sale Chair as of 12/31/2015. However, on 10/9/2015 the president of the Friends of the Library informed me my appointment as Book Sale Chair was terminated immediately and the Back Stacks Book Sale was closing.

I had intended to announce my resignation and introduce my replacement at the December Saturday sale but now that will not be possible. I just want to thank all those who supported the books sales and became such good customers and friends. It was such fun providing you with wonderful books.

I also want to thank the Santa Paula Times who gave so generously of their newspaper space to print our book sale announcements. I had planned to purchase two ads for the November and December sales to somewhat repay them, but now those sales will probably not happen.

I thoroughly enjoyed managing the Back Stacks Book Sales. I felt it was an important asset to the community, providing affordable books to everyone, especially children. In addition it generated $23,900 during its existence thanks to this wonderful community.

Thank you again and again.


Joy Cummings

Mini Revolution

To the Editor:

I am a Senior citizen living at the C.E.D.C. Complex called The Santa Paulan Apts LLC. Lately we have had a mini revolution, the tenants against management over a place to sit outside on the complex grounds. 

I’m retired after 51 years in the job market. In retirement despite volunteering, church activities, reading, T.V. etc., I still have time on my hands. Many of my pleasures and other tenants as well, was to sit outside on benches that were strategically placed around the complex. 

At the last residence meeting on Tuesday 10/13/2015, we were informed, we could no longer sit at the entrance bordering or accessible from Santa Barbara St. There were three (3) benches that were utilized many times during the day by the residents and two (2) of these benches were gone on the morning of 10/14/2015. We were told they were supposedly impeding the entry way. These benches have been located here for five (5)year. 

We have asked the service people, the delivery people , the 

UPS driver, visitors, children and grand children, if they were ever unable to gain access to our complex, and we did not receive a single negative answer from anyone. 

As a senior citizen, partially disabled, and doing nothing much most of my days, I feel diminished, and others do as well. 

I talked to the on site manager and his answer was II I’m management and management can do what they want to do”. I don’t feel management should be allowed to dictate where we can or can’t sit as long as we are not impeding entry to the complex, which we clearly are not. Currently these benches were moved to an area behind the main building, where they can’t be seen. 

All I ask is do not diminish me anymore. Please bring back our benches. 


Celia V. Tabarez

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