Vietnam: A Different Kind of War

November 14, 2007
Santa Paula News
By Ed Argulles, SPHS Sixty-Five Santa Paula High School 10th graders have been working before and after school and on weekends for the past two months uncovering personal stories of Ventura County serviceman (many of them graduates of Santa Paula High School from years 1962 - 1972) regarding their experiences in the Vietnam War that concluded almost forty years ago. Students will unveil for the public their three-month investigations, within the Keck Room inside the California Oil Museum, Sunday December 2nd at 1:00pm. Guest speakers and a musical program featuring performances by members from the high school’s band, chorus and Drumline, will dedicate songs from the 1960’s for those that served in the Vietnam conflict and whose stories will be told within the exhibit walls. Hundreds of people are expected to turn out for this opening day ceremony.Included in the exhibit will be an interactive V-Shaped “memory” wall designed to honor all who served or were affected by the War and serviceman will be allowed to pin locations on a Vietnam War Map indicating where they were deployed. Visitors are encouraged to bring copies of letters, newspaper headlines, photos, or other memorabilia to hang on the “Dedication Wall” and encouraged to pen hand-written messages regarding their remembrances. Approximately 30 personal tributes of Ventura County residents, including stories, medals of valor and memorabilia from Vietnam, will be on display. Authentic artifacts from the infamous prisoner of war camp the “Hanoi Hilton” will be included.

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