Pancake Supper

January 25, 2008
Santa Paula News

Keep the kitchen clean, see all your friends, enjoy good food and a mood of relaxed congeniality.

Keep the kitchen clean, see all your friends, enjoy good food and a mood of relaxed congeniality. Save Tuesday, February 5 for fun and fellowship. The food will be abundant and “all you can eat” at this 51st annual Pancake Supper.Pancake Supper at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (117 N. 7th St.) has been the best bargain in town for 51 years. Now that St. Paul’s has been joined by Emmanuel Lutheran, and this Shrove Tuesday event has become a joint effort, it’s better than ever!The first Pancake Supper at St. Paul’s was held in 1957. Ham was served that year – 108 pounds of it, but it only cost 75 cents a pound. Link sausage, 100 pounds at 55 cents a pound, was substituted for the ham in 1963.The first griddles were borrowed from Barney Airing, owner of the B & L Motel on South 8th Street, and George Harding, Bill Cornitius and Limoneira Company provided the butane. Mich and Helen Yamamoto and Lili Nakagawa were invaluable help, with their knowledge of quantities and resources. Mich not only delivered all the supplies, but also put the milk and butter in the refrigerator.
Shrove Tuesday marks the beginning of the 40 days of Lent, a more meditative season and a time when many observe some type of fasting. The Shrove Tuesday tradition was to have feasts of pancakes to use up the supplies of fat, butter and eggs, foods that long ago were forbidden during the more disciplined Lenten period. “Shrovetide” is the English name for the three days preceding Ash Wednesday, a time formerly set aside as a special period for going to confession and a period of festivity just before Lent.The prices amazingly remain the same, $5 for adults and $2 for children. Gourmet pancakes, sausage and applesauce are accompanied by juice and coffee. The Rainbow Girls will provide their usual pleasant and efficient service.Tickets are available from any church member, or by calling the church office at 525-3811. They will also be available at the door on the night of the supper.

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