Ventura College graduates students Wednesday

May 16, 2008
98 Graduates from Santa Paula
Santa Paula News

The Ventura College 78th Annual Commencement Ceremony was held at the Athletic Event Center on the Ventura College Campus on Wednesday, May 14.

The Ventura College 78th Annual Commencement Ceremony was held at the Athletic Event Center on the Ventura College Campus on Wednesday, May 14. More than 1,162 students have earned 1,369 degrees and certificates, and so are eligible to be recognized. There are ninety-eight students who are Santa Paula residents among those earning their degrees and certificates. The day’s events included the traditional graduation breakfast, the processional ceremony and a reception for the graduates and their families.Dr. Robin Calote, Ventura College President, addressed the group. The Chair of the Ventura County Community College District Board of Trustees Dr. Larry Miller, Vice Chair Robert O. Huber, trustees Stephen P. Blum, Cheryl Heitmann and Arturo D. Hernández, the Chancellor of the Ventura Community College District, Dr. James M. Meznek, the Academic Senate President Kathryn Schoenrock, the Classified Senate President Barbara Cogert, and Ms. Juliana Hernández, the outgoing president of the Associated Students of Ventura College, made brief remarks as well.Among the graduates at this year’s events will be Nancy L. Bemis, a resident of Santa Paula. Nancy said, “I started college at CSU San Bernardino in 1982, where I took some general education classes. I moved to Santa Paula for a better job in order raise my daughters, Jennifer and Candy. I worked very hard and very long hours, sometimes two jobs in order to provide for them. My father and my older sister were here so I had some support. In 2005, my daughter Jennifer went back to school to Ventura College to enter the nursing program. This motivated me to go back as well, so in the summer of 2006, I decided to enroll to pursue a degree in criminal justice. I have always been fascinated by the field of criminal justice, and it was now the time in my life to do something different. I drove 18 wheelers cross country for five years and loved it, but in 2002, I had a major accident and was told I would probably not be able to go back to driving the big rigs. I was devastated by that news, but have started working for Roadrunner Shuttle and Limousine part-time. My father has since passed away, but before he died, he made me promise I would finish my degree. I did promise him and I am receiving two degrees, an associate’s degree in Liberal Studies and an associate of science degree in Criminal Justice. From Ventura College I will be continuing on to California Lutheran University for my bachelor’s degree. I know my father would be very proud of me.”
The Ventura College 2008 graduates from Santa Paula are:Robert James Abeloe, Chris Alamillo, Luis Alamillo, Adriana Almazan, Sara E. Araiza, Florentina Arana, Carlos Arcia, Felicia Avendano, Yesenia A. Avila, Michele Baca, Alex Bedolla, Nancy Bemis, Celeste Berrington, Sarah Bracamontes, Taj Bradley, Anna Rachel Cabral, Christina Cabral, Lauren Cabral, Arsenio Cortes Camarillo, Alejandro Campos, Adriana Cancino, Daniel Cardoza, Gabriel Chavez, Brenda Colborn, Lupe Cordova, Jessica Chanel De Los Santos, Chris Espinosa, Miguel Angel Espinoza, Rene Gonzales, Sandra M. Gonzalez, Monica R. Gray, Tara Harmon, Miguel A. Hernández, Sergio G. Hernández, Jeanette Howard, Alicia Jimenez, Sonya J. Juarez, Yesenia Larios, Myles Larson, Vanessa Lemus, Sulema Limon, Adelina Lopez, Raeanna R. Lyon, Everardo Magana, Patricia Magana, Salvador Magana, Yesenia Magana, Rene Maldonado, Lorena Marquez, Deanna Martinez, Heliodoro Mark Martinez, Maribel Martinez, Tanya Martinez, Adolfo Medina, Victoria Mendoza, Jesus David Meza, Claudia C. Montiel, Max Montoya, Gilberto Moreno, Jennifer Noe, Roberto Nunez, Adam Anthony Oehmke, Cynthia Ortiz, Michelle M. Padilla, Kari Ann Paul, Denise Louise Pulido, Jilliann Quintero, Celia Ramirez, Gerardo Ramirez, Yovani Rangel, April Retes, Juana Vega Rico, Erik Rista, Alxandria Rocha, Alma P. Rodriguez, Lucia Rodriguez, Laura Romero, Cecilia Rae Ruiz, Mallory Ruiz, Miguel Angel Santos, Kathryn Saway, Jeanette Teresa Searby, Nicole C. Sliger, Holly C. Smith, Neli Solis, Carmen Soto, Cindy Tellez, Maria L. Terrazas, Gabriella Toledo, Ashley Toston, David M. Unzen, Froylan Valdovinos, Cristina Vera, Taina Vera Chavez, Rosalva Vigil, Nancy Viveros, Debra A. Wadkowski, Ledsy Zwers

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