Paintball & Airsoft Park approved

October 09, 2013
Santa Paula News

The Ventura County Planning Commission has issued a Conditional Use Permit for an outdoor Paintball and Airsoft Park located in an unincorporated area of Ventura County.  Stryker Paintball & Airsoft was issued the 10 year permit on September 25.  The Paintball and Airsoft Park will be located at the former Ozzie Osborn Par 3 Golf Course in Santa Paula CA.  

The owner/operators of the Stryker Paintball and Airsoft are long time Ventura County residents Jesse Guerrero and Patrick Carr.   Mr. Guerrero says, “This facility will be unlike anything within 100 miles.  Being that the location was a former golf course we are able to build premier paintball and airsoft facilities.   We will offer 9 scenario paintball fields as well as tournament fields.  We will also have dedicated Airsoft facilities.  Most paintball fields are located on lots that have limitations due to a lack of water and power.  We have a clubhouse with facilities for parties or private group events.  We can offer a premier experience for the serious player or the first timer.”  Mr. Carr added, “I’m most excited about being given the opportunity to give back to our community.  Currently our youth have limited organized outdoor recreational opportunities.   Kids today spend way too much time in front of their TV or computer playing video games. We will offer a safe, family friendly paintball and airsoft park.  There are not many sports were a kids and their parents can play together.  Additionally we will use the park as a fundraising vehicle for our youth organizations in Ventura County.”  

The permit process took a year due to an Environmental Review mandated by the State of California.  Pat commented, “The process of getting the permit was frustrating at times.  I often had to remind myself that the process is designed to protect the beautiful county that we live in.   We feel strongly about supporting our community and providing a safe place for our youth to play.”   The park is scheduled to open within the next 3 months.

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