SP, SPARC to crack down on licensing,
avoid fines with one-stop shopping

February 27, 2015
Santa Paula News

Want to adhere to the law, avoid costly fines and help your pet at the same time? 

Then take advantage of the variety of services offered by SPARC (Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center) where at special clinics you can get your dog vaccinated against rabies for only $10, buy its legally mandated city license and even arrange for low-cost spaying or neutering that will save you money — and your dog’s health — in the long run.

All dogs in Santa Paula over the age of four months must be vaccinated against rabies and be licensed, a wise move that not only protects the health of animals but also makes returning those that wander away from home easy.

Having your dog vaccinated is also a wise move for other reasons: if your animal does nip someone you will being able to show proof of rabies vaccination and can save the victim unnecessary treatment and prevent a lengthy — and expensive — quarantine of your dog.

Starting April 1, those that don’t comply with the law will be subject to visits by Animal Control Officers or SPARC representatives who will be canvassing the city checking on licensing.

It’s not a prank: if you are cited for not licensing your dog the fine will be $10 added to the license cost of $20 for a total of $30. If your dog is not spayed or neuter the license is $75… if you are cited the license cost will increase by 25 percent to $100.

You can one-stop shop for all licensing services at SPARC: if your dog has received a rabies vaccination just present the certificate to SPARC and they will issue the license. If not, you can get your dog vaccinated for only $10 on March 8, 18 and 25 between 2 and 4 p.m. and purchase the license. SPARC is located at 705 E. Santa Barbara St. (at the corner of 7th Street.)

If your dog is not altered (or your cat for that matter) low-cost spay and neuter clinics operate at the Humane Society in Ojai (646-6505), Mercy Crusade in Oxnard (278-4433), and Valley Vet Nonprofit Spay/Neuter Clinic in Simi Valley (584-3823).

Closer to home is the convenient Valley Vet Mobile Clinic which will be in Santa Paula at SPARC on March 6 and April 10; call 584-3823 for an appointment or more information. 

Fines for noncompliance will not be accessed in February or March but will be enforced starting April 1.

There are numerous reasons it is important for pet owners to spay or neuter their animals. 

There are millions of animals euthanized every year in the United States — spaying or neutering pets prevents animals from being born accidentally and greatly reduces the number of animals that would be doomed without someone to love them.

Animals that are altered live a longer, healthier life; the procedure reduces or eliminates the odds of breast cancer and dangerous uterine infections in females and prostate problems and testicular cancer in males.

Altered pets are happier, easier to train and less distracted and they’ll stay home: a majority of animals picked up by animal control and turned in as strays to SPARC and other shelters are not “fixed” and left their home in search of a mate... and once they get out they can become lost, get into fights with other animals or be hit by a car.  

Fine watchdogs are often fixed but are not biters, a trait often displayed by dogs that are not altered.

Eliminating wailing, spraying or marking territory is a byproduct of fixing an animal, which calms them and makes them happier companions.

Owners of altered animals do not have to worry about the extra expense for taking care of a litter of puppies or kittens or placing them in good homes.  

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