Applied Silicon thanked for Ace,
newest addition to SPPD K9 Unit

May 06, 2015
Santa Paula News

Ace was welcomed as the newest Santa Paula Police Officer at the April 29 6th Annual K9 Spaghetti Dinner where he was introduced to the community and barked his appreciation for being there.

A three-year-old German Shepard who traditionally responds to commands given in German, Ace was one of the stars of the show — benefiting the Santa Paula Police & Fire Foundation — that included a program showing the prowess of the police dogs.

But first those that made Ace possible had to be introduced: “Without Jack Pitluk and Doreen Pitluk,” said Senior Officer Larry Johnson, Supervisor of the SPPD K9 Unit, “we would not have been able to purchase a new dog,” to replace one of those that retired in recent years.

Jack Pitluk is Chief Financial Officer of Applied Silicon, a high-tech Santa Paula-based specialty corporation with an international customer base, that donated the funds to the SPP&FF for the purchase and related costs.

Chief Steve McLean said Applied Silicon has been generous to the community in the past, including a sizable donation to the Santa Paula High School Band after it was found that $22,000 of program funds had been embezzled. 

“Thank you and Applied Silicon for what you do for us,” said McLean.

Following the dinner the almost 200 guests were invited to the program held outside the Community Center.

Ace and his partner Senor Officer Allen Macias just recently graduated with the five-week initial training course for K9s and the dog and Zak, Johnson’s partner, were happy to show their crime fighting stuff.

Police K9 dog trainer Daniel Inglis suited up with padding to help demonstrate how the dogs work.

To K9s said Detective Randy Haumann, work is play and there is no malice in their actions.

Haumann, whose K9 Hozy was honored at the dinner as a retiree, explained how the dogs are not only trained to restrain a suspect but also to let go upon command, an action often followed by a treat or playtime with a toy.

Although chasing Inglis through the parking lot, clamping down on his padded training sleeve and holding on despite being swung around in the air and other demonstrations of dog duty, after the demonstration Zak easily mixed with the crowd, especially the kids that were eager to pet him.

Ace, who had also been put through some newly acquired crime fighting maneuvers, greeted the crowd but was soon put in a patrol unit by Macias, who noted the young dog’s excitement and rookie status.

“It’s been really great,” Macias said of his duty as a K9 Handler, “I’m really enjoying it…and Ace!”

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