SPSA: Van Dyke’s watercolor on canvas
technique featured Sunday
Published:  September 09, 2015

Looking for ways to get rid of the mat and the glass has found success with noted artist Patty Van Dyke who will demonstrate watercolor on canvas at Sunday’s Santa Paula Society of the Arts meeting and workshop.

“This Sunday, September 13th will see the resumption of regular meetings of the Santa Paula Society of the Arts,” after a summer hiatus said President Virginia Gunderson. 

The meeting will be held from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the historic Depot located at the corner of East Santa Barbara and 10th streets. 

“Guests are always welcome and there is no charge for attending,” said Gunderson.

In addition, all can enjoy the opportunity to win fine art, so “Come join the fun!”

Gunderson is looking forward to Sunday’s demonstration, especially as Van Dyke “indicates that with proper sealing the image will be more well preserved than the usual matting and under glass…”

Van Dyke believes “Creativity is the essence of our human spirit,” and watercolor “Is alive, it has a life of its own,” as “Working with it is a call and response, a private kirtan.

“This immediacy and vulnerability is what I want visible in my watercolors, so I look for ways to get rid of the mat and glass. I rarely work on paper anymore.”

Instead, Van Dyke works on specially prepared canvas “so that the work remains more accessible. I am concerned about catching a moment in time, about the fleeting, ephemeral nature of even archetypal images and icons. I am not painting for posterity but to celebrate this transitory life. My work often contains handmade paper, fabric and thread as well as this most fragile of all paints, watercolor.”

For subject matter “I follow my heart. Right now I’m moving between a couple of ongoing themes — our rich rural life in Ventura County, and the nude form. These works encompass a variety of techniques,” predominantly watercolor on canvas but some include “ink resist or collage as well. I use the technique that allows the voice of the piece to speak most clearly.”

Van Dyke’s studio is in her home in Ojai. She is a member of the Santa Barbara Art Association and Los Padres Watercolor Society and her work can regularly be seen at OVA arts, 108 N. Signal St., Ojai, and in my studio by appointment.

For more of Van Dyke’s thoughts and examples of her varied works visit: www.pattyvandyke.com 

Be sure to visit the Santa Paula Society of the Arts Depot Gallery Saturday and Sunday noon to 4 p.m. and by appointment for tour groups. The SPSA Gift Shop has dozens of unique handmade items and artwork perfect for gifts or as a treat to keep.

For more information visit: www.thespsa.com

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