Letters to the Editor

May 10, 2002
Imagine Santa Paula Forum a hit To the Editor:Imagine Santa Paula was a great event! The speakers, who are truly respected leaders in their fields, had a message for us: “Don’t take your town for granted...because it’s an ideal place to apply beautiful mixed-use, live work, traditional town housing developments.”It’s happening across the nation - folks are moving back to their town centers. Finally, Santa Paula has an opportunity to build on its assets. With demand up for new urban housing and with more support for smart growth by financial institutions and public policy - investment in town centers is the new hot market. In short, we really can create the kind of healthy and vibrant community that we all like to Imagine in Santa Paula.To the 130 people who attended the event - thank you. To all the people who helped organize the forum, set-up, provide art and décor - Thank you. And to Rick Cole (City Mgr. Azusa, former Mayor Pasadena), Mainstreet Architects, Sargent Town Planning, Moule & Polyzoides Architects, Odyssey Development, Creative Housing Associates, and Fannie Mae - Thank you, for seeing the potential in Santa Paula. We’ll be in touch!And for those who were unable to attend, but would like to learn how traditional town planning can enhance your neighborhood and our city center - call Imagine Santa Paula at 933-0075.Michael MillerSanta PaulaDifferent prioritiesTo the Editor:Re: Dee Johnston remarks on 5/3/02I’m responding to Ms. Johnston’s remarks and concerns about me not attending the growth and housing conference held at the high school on Saturday, April 27, 2002. I’m pleased that she was able to attend this meeting along with other Santa Paula residents, three council members, city staff members and other guests.While you were attending this informational meeting I, along with other city supporters, was at the newest mural dedication at the Bank of America. We first listened to the high school band, and then were treated to a brief history of each photo depicted in the mural.Because I chose to attend the mural dedication you attacked me and Mr. Johnson, who was also at this dedication.I have and will keep attending the Women of History dinners, the Macho Man roasts, DARE programs, mural dedications, and many other enjoyable local events I’ve been invited to. My wife and I have purchased all of the murals, Cruise Night T-shirts, Chamber shirts, and numerous Bar B Q dinners from our local schools and nonprofit organizations.My questions to you are: Besides this one meeting you attended that you chastise me about, what other community events have you attended? How many T-shirts do you own from Cruise Night’s past? How many dinners have you bought from the FFA, how many kids have you helped? How many Little League teams have you coached? How many football teams have you coached? How many murals have you purchased? How many mural dedications have you attended? How many years have you lived in Santa Paula? What is your real agenda?Hopefully you will question, voice your concern, and chide the NEW developer’s vision for Fagan Canyon as hard as you have attacked the Adams Canyon project. I hear tell they now want to build 1,000 homes in that little Fagan Canyon instead of 450. Hmmm...I wonder why? I wonder where their sewer waste will go? Where are they going to get their drinking water? Talk about traffic flow and congestion, Fagan Canyon only dumps out onto Santa Paula Street, a residential area.We all have our own priorities, likes and dislikes, religions, political opinions, and ideas on growth. So please don’t condemn me for choosing to attend something I wanted to go to, and for having a different view on growth other than yours.See you around town....Rick CookCouncil MemberOff the track...To the Editor:A fundraiser barbecue was held on April 6, and the Santa Paula Track and Field team would like to thank those who made this possible: Wild Bill’s Catering, for donating his equipment and services; Michocana Bakery for preparing the bread rolls; Tresierras Market for the chicken; El Pescador Restaurant, Chuy thanks for all you did for us; Sylvia Ming for the firewood and the little extras; Coach Ed Hernandez for making the tickets; and most of all everyone who bought a ticket and made this a successful fundraiser. We were able to make $900, and this will help pay for our uniform debt.If you would like to make a donation, please send your donation to: Santa Paula Track and Field, 404 N. 6th St., Santa Paula, CA 93060.Thank you.Coach Hank AlmanzaSanta PaulaWhat if...?To the Editor:The other evening, after the stores had closed, I saw a young woman with broom and dustpan cleaning up the street. My heart was immediately grateful and I took the time to personally thank this conscientious citizen.My first thought was “What if” everyone took the time each day to clean up the street in front of their home or business? My second thought was “What if” each of us took responsibility not to throw down our trash in the first place? “What if” each of us taught our children to put trash in proper receptacles?Could we imagine a Santa Paula so clean that visitors to this fair city would go away with an impression of cleanliness? Why not? Visitors to cities in northern Europe come back with remarks about how clean it all is over there.If this clean campaign took hold, could we imagine a city that would be attractive just through the cleanliness and thoughtfulness of its citizens? Would that attraction bring new citizens and new business and manufacturing and new jobs to Santa Paula?Future Santa Paula could begin with a “clean sweep” plank in a platform of progress. This first step would not be hard on the budget, but could bring rich rewards. Leaders would not have a hard time selling this to their groups. And all of us could participate and be a part of this new future.My hope is that the young woman cleaning the street will give each of us a new vision for a future Santa Paula and a motivation to join her in building that future together.Pastor Ron DybvigEmmanuel Church of Santa PaulaChildren part of CentennialCelebrationTo the Editor:For whatever reason, the president of the Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce took an unwarranted poke at the Centennial Committee in his letter last week when he said children were overlooked in the planning of centennial festivities. He is mistaken. Children’s entertainment extends above and beyond carnival rides.Leading up to the big centennial celebration, there were three weekends of free educational entertainment for both young and old featuring Mexican regional music and dance. I saw many children enjoying those events as well as taking part in them. Then, during the big centennial weekend festival, we had a petting zoo, pony rides, arts and crafts, two Jolly Jumpers, face painting, skating events, a magic act, and chalk art with prizes. Additionally, on Saturday afternoon the band Acension presented a free live concert designed especially for teenagers.No, children’s activities were not missing from the planning of Santa Paula’s birthday celebration. What was missing, however, was something that would have been most welcomed by me: the unifying assistance or even moral support from the Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce and, for that matter, the Latino Town Hall as well. They missed a great opportunity to help us step over the threshold, hand in hand, into our second century.Bill GlennSanta PaulaSanta Paula comes through again
To the Editor:Another successful Friends of the Library Book Sale happened last Saturday, the “Quatro de Mayo.” Beautiful spring weather, thousands of different and intriguing books to browse through and buy, another occasion for Santa Paulans to meet, mingle, and have fun helping to fund the activities of their wonderful Library.The Friends are so grateful to the many regular helpers who come to aid in the setting up and the taking down of the tables and books (all those boxes!!). Too many to mention here...bless you all. We could not attempt these twice-a-year sales (and support our Library) without your help.Special mention goes to the men of the Kiwanis who lend their brawn (and creativity!) to this effort. And many kudos to the Friends’ own special “woman of the day,” Peggy Kelly, who masterfully MC’d our special auction. Peggy entertains and persuades as well as she writes.Another big thank you to our hard-working Library Director, Dan Robles, for his invaluable help in all areas; our cashiers par excellence, Jim Rescoe, Al Sundstrom, and Dora Crouch; all the regular assistants (and their children in tow); the Santa Paula Times for their great publicity; and the spirit of the community and support on the part of all for our Library. We thank you again, Santa Paula! See you again in November.Chris LemonFriends of the LibraryCommitteeblew band bitTo the Editor:I see in Friday’s Letters to the Editor, May 3, 2002, that Barbara and Ed Roina thanked you and your wife, Connie Tushla, Mr. Garfield and the Centennial Committee for inviting the Santa Paula High School Band to perform at Veteran’s Park and the event at the High School football field in celebration of the City’s 100th birthday. Although I understand that the facilities and treatment at Veteran’s Park were very good, I wouldn’t have been so grateful towards the organizers due to the calamity that befell the band at the football field.According to the program there were thirty minute planned intervals between the performances to allow changing the equipment on the stage. Yet, the stage was completely taken over by the equipment of the second performers of the evening when the Santa Paula High School Band arrived to set up, they being the first performers as noted in the program and advertisements. Apparently no effort at any time was made to accommodate the Santa Paula High School Band on this occasion. The band’s brass section had to stand at the front edge of the stage to perform. Their music stands were on the grass below them. Their music score at foot level. The reed section along with the drums, guitar and their music stands were squeezed on the grass between the brass’s music stands and the first row of chairs. There was no power available for their piano. There was no sound system for their use. There was little illumination to read the music. However, the students did a super program in spite of the adversities confronting them. I’m sure the audience in the stands could at least hear the brass section.It is my opinion that the Centennial Committee should make a public apology to the Santa Paula High School Band and Ed Roina for the screw up and thank them for participating for free.Jim BoatnerSanta PaulaThanks a hundredTo the Editor:A big thanks from me to Jim Garfield and Bill Glenn and their committee. The weekend Santa Paula Celebration (April 19 to 21) was a great happy three days.I enjoyed it all and especially the farm tent. Bill Grant (the Bugman) explained about the good and bad escargot, and how time consuming it is to put all those spots on the ladybugs. Calavo’s guacamole is very good. Supervisor Kathy Long, Senator O’Connell and Congressman Gallegly as always were there with our Council members for the dedication. One Council member asked if the fries grow salted or was it done at Wendy’s, why do they put seeds in melons, why are oranges, lemons and avocados different colors, and are cattle heifers born with horns?But I “asked” a real intelligent question. How will be bathe if the river is dry after the Newhall Ranch Development gets its way? I think everyone wants to know that one.I told Chuck Rio that my son named one of our horses from the song he wrote. And, I found out that voodoo comes from the voos at the zoo.I do believe this is (was) the biggest and greatest month ever for Santa Paula. A big plus for us, since we get so much negative publicity usually. We could do this every year as our big one. Maybe on a warmer month.I enjoyed it all very much. I was stuffed with the Crystal Bakery, Whistle Stop and the tri-tip sandwiches but it was a looong walk to Nancy’s ice cream parlor but my grandkids didn’t mind. I’d do it again.A lot of work and well done to the Committee and Santa Paula Times. Something for everyone, kids to adults. Farmfest was also a big plus for us.Ken ZimmetSanta PaulaDowntownwhat? Huh?To the Editor:A committee and Latino Town Hall activists touting traditional town planning held a conference called “Smart Growth.” Organizer Mike Miller said underused sections of the historic downtown can meet future housing needs. They call it “new urbanism” for denser housing development built close to shops.Well now. What an idea. The two-story shops could be converted to bed and breakfasts and apartments for low income. And have you ever noticed the shortage of thrift stores and 95¢ shops that could create a very large tourist attraction? The yellow buildings on East Main Street could be added to the tours by docents. The blue exquisite café can be called antique décor.One half of the wide sidewalks could be a bicycle lane. A new city entrance could be a nice sign with a picture of a tin cup.These are some ideas that I thought I’d share for a more quaint downtown. Uh huh!Ken ZimmetSanta PaulaP.S. To the high schoolers who have a 4.0 and more. That’s great.Hospice Home Tour huge success - over $10,000To the Editor:Santa Clara Valley Hospice wishes to thank all who helped make the Houses of History an overwhelming success. Special accolades to Santa Paula High School students of Mary Ann Romero and Kelly Everett who served as greeters and helpers throughout the day.A very warm and loving thanks to the homeowners who so generously shared their houses with the public: Jock and Jackie Hamilton, Gary and Gloria Prentiss, Carlos and Vicki Ojeda, Delton Lee and Margaret Johnson, and Ken Luttjohann and Steve Eddy.The following businesses supported the event as well: Enterprise Car Rental; Family Motors; The Whistle Stop; The Mill; Santa Paula Times; Brownie’s Basement; Santa Paula Hardware; Auntie’s Attic, Fillmore; Mirage, Fillmore; Garden Memories, Ventura; Ventura Florists; Copy Plus; Design Duo; and 31 Flavors Ice Cream.Marilyn HarveySanta Paula

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