Council: Oversized vehicles a parking, posting problem

February 14, 2003
Santa Paula City Council
By Peggy Kelly Santa Paula TimesJust what to do with overnight parking of oversized vehicles along South Hallock Drive led to the of banning of the practice, but one City Council member expressed concern that it might just move the problem elsewhere.At the Feb. 3rd meeting, council members were asked to consider a ban on parking of vehicles over 7 feet tall on South Hallock Drive from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. Although reports of work, including oil changes, on the street were received by the city and not confirmed, inspectors did find vehicles parked overnight, including detached rigs and large cargo containers. At one visit, at least 16 oversized vehicles were found parked on South Hallock Drive.Councilwoman Mary Ann Krause said her concern centered on moving the parked trucks from a “bona fide industrial area. . .I am concerned it would chase them to another area.” She noted that the county had cracked down on trucks parked on East Telegraph Road, which might have led to the problems on Hallock Drive.Councilman Rick Cook noted that he has received several complaints about overnight parking, especially since there is a truck yard in the city. Some truckers, including those living out of town, are “trying to avoid paying rent for storage. . .”The issue of banning overnight parking on Hallock Drive was brought to and approved by the city Traffic Committee, he added, and since “businesses have to live,” by the rules, so should the truckers parking in the industrial area.
Councilman Ray Luna noted that Krause’s claims of the problem moving due to enforcement, “we are chasing them down; they can pay rent and they won’t have that problem.”Cook said other cities have perimeter no parking signage to cover all city streets. “If we chase them to another area we’ll find them and give them that $75 ticket. . .”Krause noted that under the city’s vehicle code “we do have to post every street,” where restrictions would apply. “If we could just have signage at the entrances to the city,” she would approve the ordinance.Although the council adopted the resolution limiting oversized truck parking on Hallock Drive, they asked that the issue be studied further.

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