Blanchard Elementary School Annual Turkey Trot

December 03, 2004
Santa Paula News
The Turkey Trot is a long distance run originally started by Mr. Buddy Colvard, an Isbell teacher, for Isbell students over twenty-five years ago, to install a love for jogging and physical fitness. The concept was then copied by several of the Santa Paula Elementary Schools. Blanchard preschoolers and kindergarteners run approximately 100 yards; 1st graders run approximately an eighth of a mile and 2nd through 5th run about a quarter mile.The Blanchard Parent Faculty Organization sponsors the event and purchases the turkeys (26) and the cheesecakes (14) for all Blanchard Students Preschool through 5th Grade. The 1st and 2nd place winners (two boys and two girls) at each grade-level win turkeys and 3rd place winners (both boys and girls) receive a cheesecake.2004 Blanchard Turkey Trot Winners:a.m. Preschool: 1st -Isaiah Borrego 2nd - Valerie Medrano 3rd -Ryan Solano p.m. Preschool: 1st -Juan Carlos Perez 2nd - Edgar Ramos 3rd -Joshua Velasquez a.m. Kinders: 1st -Eleazar Silva 2nd - Gonzalo Magana 3rd - Justin Marquez-Tate p.m. Kinders:1st -Donavan Karaffa 2nd - Destinee Burboa 1st Grade: (girls)1st - Courtney Furr 2nd - Yulissa Jimenez 3rd - Yoalli Parrilla (boys)1st -Rodrigo Hernandez 2nd - David Magdaleno 3rd -Tony Contreras 2nd Grade (girls) 1st - Janette Rodriguez 2nd - Elizabeth Arevalo 3rd - Yazmin Perez(boys)1st - Malique James 2nd - Gilbert Zamora 3rd - Andrew Strader 3rd Grade (girls) 1st -Isabel Urtiz 2nd - Julie Vargas 3rd - Yazmin Velasquez
(boys) 1st -Juan Zavala 2nd - Oscar Cancino 3rd - Paul Golianis 4th Grade (girls) 1st - Kelsea Gonzalez2nd - Tiffany Luna 3rd - Ashley Cronin (boys) 1st - Benito Garcia 2nd - Juan Carlos Magana3rd - Victor Magana 5th Grade(girls) 1st -Lilia Tovar 2nd - Lucia Zamora 3rd -Julie Gonzalez (boys) 1st-Diego Ortega 2nd - Eladio Palencia 3rd - Fernando Vargas 6th Grade (girls) 1st - Kyana Aguayo (boys) 1st - Hector Roldan

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