Letters to the Editor

September 25, 2015

The Santa Clara Waste Water’s 

mysterious explosion

To the Editor:

The mysterious hazardous materials that disabled our firemen and destroyed our fire truck will only be known when we  KNOW the SORCES OF THE WASTE! Where did it come from?  Among the SCWW’s customers is the  answer, Santa Paulans want to know. In my opinion we are not getting the complete answer.

When a doctor analyzes a patient he must first identify the illness!This is the first step before he can treat his patient’s problem.

There are fiew companies that produce radioative waste and the chemicals that cause spontaneous combustion. We need to identify the sources/cause before we can deal with the effect. 

David Kaiser

Santa Paula

Thank you

To the Editor:

The theme for the Labor Day Parade was “Honor the Labor Force,” and we certainly did that.  It was “Celebration of the Working People,” those folks that take care of us every day but we sometimes do not even see them around us.  Our hats are off to them.

On behalf of the Santa Paula Labor Day Parade Committee, I would like to thank the following people for helping to make this year’s Labor Day Parade such a success:  the support of the Santa Paula Police Department CERT and the Explorer Post for traffic control, Limoneira Company for the flatbed truck for the judges; Howard Bolton for graphics for the poster; Alyssa Grant for her beautiful singing of the National Anthem; the Optimist Club of Santa Paula for providing the insurance, check-in and parade route logistics; George Gonzalez for his convertible for Grand Marshal; Doodwill Store for providing the electricity for the announcer and filming; John Proctor for the PA system at the Gazebo; FFA for clean up after the horses, the High School Band for the great music after the parade at the Gazebo, and Pepe Gonzalez for his “Wings of Grace” doves.

Thank you to the pilots from the Santa Paula Airport for the flyover before the parade.

Special thanks to our sponsors:  Santa Paula Times, Calavo, Limoneira Company, Brokaw Nursery, Rancho Abuelos, Steve Turchik, United Assoc of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 484, Southern California Pipe Trades District Council 16, Delton Johnson, Donna Hamer Moore, SP VFW Mercer Prieto Post 2043 Carol Hardison, Optimist International of Santa Paula, H. Bolton Co, Seaside Packaging, Santa Paula Pollo Loco, Santa Paula Denny’s, .

Thank you to Peggy Kelly for announcing the parade and providing the music.  Peggy did a great job and she really got everyone into the right mood.

To our local station KADY TV who filmed the parade.  The parade can be viewed on-line at KADYTV.COM.  Wow, that is great!

Congratulations and thank you to our Grand Marshal Familia Diaz.

Thank you to the judges who had to make the hard decisions, Ginger Gherardi, Tomas Gonzalez, and Teresa Ruiz.  

To all those who took part in this year’s parade we thank you for all your time and effort which made the parade a great success.  Without you our parade would not be possible.

To those that came out and watched the parade we appreciate your support.  It made it worthwhile for us who put on the parade for you.

Thank you to our enthusiastic and supportive committee members:  Peter Wright, Anita Pulido, Audrey Vincent, Anita Gonzales, Mary Lou Garnica, and Johnny Galvan.

A very special thanks to my wife, Pamela, for all of her help and support organizing the parade and during check-in at the Gazebo.

Ron Merson, Chair

Santa Paula Labor 

Day Parade Committee

Thanks for another excellent, factual 

article by Peggy Kelly 

To the Editor:

I spoke before LAFCO September 16 supporting Santa Paula’s request to retain Adams and Fagan canyons in Santa Paula’s sphere of influence, provided that the Council would strictly adhere to the number of units which Santa Paula voters and LAFCO relied upon when they voted these canyons into our sphere.  (Adams 495 homes, Fagan 450).  In a tight 4-3 vote LAFCO failed to remove these canyons from our sphere of Influence. 

If a prior Council had upheld the will of LAFCO and Santa Paula voters, Fagan Canyon would already contain 450 high quality homes, a traffic by-pass, one or two schools, several parks, abundant open space, very likely an inn, and research facilities wishing to locate in this attractive setting.  And LAFCO would have had no reason to consider removing it from our Sphere.  

Some claim that canyon development will have little impact upon our water shortage.  This is a fib.  But we have made a commitment, and I urge Council to act promptly in accordance with LAFCO and voter expectations:  450 high quality units in Fagan, and 495 in Adams (including affordable in both).  And please notice that 450 and 495 are finite numbers.

Delton Lee Johnson

Santa Paula


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