Letters to the Edfiror

January 29, 2016

No more playing in the street

To the Editor:

Bam ... Bam ... Bang! That’s the sound of a basketball banging against someone’s garage. People should not play basketball in the street. It is annoying and against the law. It could also be quite dangerous. 

First, there is the ball problem. Cars can run over basketballs left astray in the street. And balls also bounce on private property. They have a tendency to roll toward flowerbeds, land in the bushes, and rebound off garage doors. Folks will be annoyed and angry whenever they hear the booms and crashes. 

Also, it is just plain against the law. The Santa Paula Municipal Code, section 96.03 states that there shall be no objects like basketball hoops located on the street or sidewalk. Section 96.08 of the same code declares that any sort of ball playing on the street is prohibited. People who are playing on the street are breaking the law. 

And finally, basketball playing on the street is dangerous. Players could get run over by cars. Also, balls could fly out of control and break the windows of parked cars. Everyone can stay safe by keeping games off streets. 

Instead of playing in the street, people should use their backyards. Of course, some homes have very small backyards that no one could possibly play ball in. But you can always hop in your car and drive to the park for a game. Las Piedras, Obregon, and Teague Parks have basketball courts ready for use. 

All readers of the Santa Paula Times should encourage neighbors to play basketball in public parks. Let’s keep our city safe! 

Faustina R. Wodzinski

Santa Paula

Remembering Steve Turchik

To the Editor:

I have learned that my friend, Steve Turchik, died near the end of Dec. this last year.  He was in his late 80’s but still maintained a zest for life which showed in his Christmas letter and my last visit with him.  

He retired after a long career teaching at S. P. High School.  His wife, Wilma, who was previously deceased, was a retired teacher and principal with S. P. E. S.D.   After Steve retired he studied and learned Spanish which proved to be a real asset for him.  He also took up swimming on a regular basis which was great for his health.  

He was a Charter Member of the Santa Paula Optimist Club and a Life Member of Optimist International.  He was a long time member of the Knights of Columbus in Santa Paula and a Past Grand Knight.  He was also a member of the Santa Paula Odd Fellows.

He was an avid stamp collector most of his life and a long-time member of the Ventura Co. Philatelic Soc.  He collected worldwide, but specialized in Swiss stamps and covers.  He exhibited at many national shows and won many awards.

As he aged and stopped driving he had a group of faithful caretakers (Anna, Jessica, and Luis) who would take him to McDonalds for a little breakfast where he would enjoy his friends.  One of them would take him to lunch at the Senior Center where there were more of his friends.  He also loved to go to the garage sales on Sat. in town.  A lot of the things he bargained for and bought, he gave to his friends.

Steve stayed involved and supported different groups if not physically then through his generosity.  He also helped the groups by keeping up his membership.  He encouraged me and others to get involved and support the organizations in town.  Steve, Rest in Peace; I will keep you in my prayers.

Patrick Cunningham



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